“Fairy Casanova” Will Leave You Breathless!


Fairy Casanova by Gracen Miller is a remarkable short story that will, literally, leave you breathless. Below is the review I recently wrote for her.

 Sadie Sinclair isn’t a one night stand kind of girl. After ending a long term relationship with a cheating liar, she’s ready for a night of unhampered fun and sexual frolic.

Expecting a bad, leather clad biker boy, imagine her surprise when the man waiting for her is clean cut, handsome and looks rather like a lawyer. He certainly doesn’t fit the criteria she’d listed: Unique & Unusual, Disrespects Uncle Sam and Other Worldly – or is he? When they make love, however, she finds out just how wrong she was and how right Jace is for her.

Fairy Casanova is not for the fainthearted or prudish. The sex scenes are explicit and highly erotic. I recommend this story to anyone who needs a racing pulse. Five Sensual Stars


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