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Lady Justice and the Book Club Murders: My review


Lady Justice: And the Book Club Murders: Robert Thornhill

In order to spice up his life and add some flair to it Oscar Roach decides on doing some research in order to not really update his resume, but to find a new outlet to explore. Working as an orderly in a hospital does not give you many perks or excitement according or Oscar. As a member of the Midtown Book Club he find their meetings and book choices not very stimulating. So, what is the answer according to Oscar? First, he relates his concerns to the other two remaining members of the club Larry and Ed. Then he proceeds to explain what he learned about the new career he feels they should all embark on. Feeling quite certain and sure they will jump on his preverbal bandwagon and explore new avenues in life in order to live on the dangerous or wild side he explains the ten ways to commit “the perfect crime,” to them starting with what was supposed to be a preplanned robbery as their first heist. Most criminals leave some type of evidence behind. Some even leave their DNA but our famous perfect crime expert Oscar thinks he has it all figured out. Explaining the operations and getting them to commit themselves Oscar, Ed and Larry embark on their mission to rob a liquor store and make off with the days receipts. But, Oscar is anything but honest with his two accomplices and the end result is not quite what you or the other two book club members would expect.

Walt Williams is cop and he and his partner Ox have been reunited now that his demise or supposed dead has been revoked you might say. Going undercover to help the President of the United States required that everyone think he was dead. But, Walt and Ox face their first challenge together when asked to look into something at Dyson Foods. Just what they have to investigate and what happens when he enters a diner to get some breakfast you have to read for yourself because it is hilarious. One young man has two dogs named Timex and Rolex who enjoy initiating new people that come to town in a unique and messy way when entering Karen’s diner. Just make sure you have a healthy supply of paper towels. Returning home after completing their investigation they are assigned to the robbery case but there is much more.

When Oscar’s Book Club members learn the real outcome of the robbery they become scared, threaten to go to the police and confess and of course are famous “perfect crime,” expert cannot have this. So, he decides to commit one more, he thinks perfect crime and sets the stage to appear as if it was a murder/suicide. Walt and Ox are now thrown into the thick of things as they go after this sick and demented killer.

Walt works for the Kansas City Police and he and his partner have to find this vicious killer who has not stopped at just three. Leaving something in the hands of each victim, Oscar our killer is called by the media or press: The Librarian. Is there such a thing as the perfect crime? Is our killer going to get away scot-free? Posing his victims and choosing them carefully two homeless men unknowingly become his next two victims. One man tossed out of The Three Trails Hotel for being a vagrant the other leaving because he wants to be a certain distance away not wanting to live to close to where he thinks accidents can happen. The killer preying on their weakness and leaving what you might think is his calling card behind in the hands of the victims: a book but not just any: Murder: serial killers as the primary character.

But, there is so much more as we meet Walt and the seniors living in the development that he owns and his wife, Maggie who is the perfect match for him. Enter Jerry, with his hilarious jokes and hysterical remarks. Let’s not forget the incident at the turkey slaughterhouse, which would make anyone never want to eat meat again.

Hearing the voice of the killer, learning his rational and thinking as he does some extensive research into murder, serial killing and using his list of ten ways to commit the perfect crime he chooses one, formulates the plan and executes the murder. As the killer revels in his work and more bodies are found the police just might have stumbled on the killer’s identity without even knowing it. Looking into the book club and learning about their members might prove lucrative but first the dots have to be connected.

When the police bring in the killer one slip of the tongue could bring him down but our killer is clever and he manages to foil their efforts one more time. Killing several more times he still eludes their dragnet even when another piece of evidence is revealed. More murders, more novels each title linking to the murder and the victim’s demise yet our killer manages to avoid arrest. The holiday season upon them and Walt and his partner still beating a dead horse and then Walt and Ox get a lesson in physical fitness from Ox’s girlfriend and hopefully teach a class in martial arts hoping to save some lives. But poor Walt does not take to well the exercises and the end and I mean end result is hilarious to his better side.

Imagine killing as an ego trip to boost your self-esteem and moral. Imagine going after the homeless, prostitutes and one lonely cop that was his next victim. Planning, plotting and thinking he was never going to get caught and loving the hype in the media would this killer manage to never get caught? Author Robert Thrornhill’s extensive research into serial killers and their motives, their calling cards and the list of how to commit the perfect crime provides enough information for anyone that might want to emulate this killer or write a novel such as his. Hearing the innermost thoughts of this deranged man, his understanding of what he thinks he accomplished allows the reader to get an up close look at what the police combat and deal with on a daily basis. Lady Justice: Would the hands of her scale remained tipped in the killer’s direction or will it ever balance out?

His next victims are cops and the pursuit to catch him becomes personal. When Ox and Judy decide to tie the knot the killer steps up his game but not before going after Walt. Friends and family together and one killer who won’t stop until Lady Justice tilts all the way down in his direction. What happens and is he caught? You have to read it for yourself to learn that Walt is one tough cop that I think needs to be promoted to detective along with Ox and never under estimate the power of friendship, loyalty, trust and certainly never Judge a Book By It’s Cover: Read the pages in between. Filled with Jerry’s jokes, Car 54 reminder from the old show that my mom loved to watch and characters that are real, authentic and quite funny, watch how Walt, Ox and the rest attempt to take down The Librarian.

Fran Lewis: reviewer

Silver Linings Playbook


This is a great read for those who have experienced any kind of emotional break and attempts to come back to gain clarity and closure.
Pat Peoples had such a break and experienced amnesia –just as well he didn’t remember til the end of the book. All through the book he sees his life as a movie that has or must have a happy ending. Life doesn’t always happen that way. He thinks getting back with his wife Nikki is going to be the answer needed for his happiness and wellness.
Enter Tiffany with her own issues. Tiffany is a widow trying to move on after her husbands tragic death. Pat and Tiffany form a friendship out of need. Let’s just say there is a silver lining just not the one they planned on.

Brilliantly and poignantly written to demonstrate the reality of mental illness and how people are viewed. There is strife between Pat and his family. They are trying to protect him but it just causes more trouble. Anyone who has suffered a break will really relate to this book and hopefully give those who haven’t a better understanding. Football fans will love it too –especially Eagles fans.

A heck of a good ride




Roller Coaster Ride is exactly what the name of this book. Life is often like a roller coaster on fair day. It has its ups and downs. Kendra Johnson is a twenty-five year old single mom of a precious ten year old boy.  She has over come the stigma of that along with her mothers promiscuity and drunkenness.

Along comes Daniel Crawford her first love and former football hero who was injured badly  leaving him wheelchair bound.  They rediscover each other on fair day.  Reunited they decide to forge ahead together and build a life with their son.  Here’s where the ride begins. Bring in a woman bent on revenge to make Kendra pay for her mothers sins, a friend who wants to destroy Daniel and claim Kendra as his.

Even with the action and deadly near misses this novel has the steam heat of a frothy romance and down home family values. The characters are rich and well developed and the author handles mental illness with class which just adds to the story.

I highly recommend ROLLER COASTER RIDE first in the GRISHOLM COUNTY SERIES as a first class read! I will wager 5 golden coasters that the reader will enjoy the ride.

A memorable read and brilliant account




This book will make you chuckle, cry and scratch your head. It will make you question why the neglect and abuse in a state mental institution is prevalent and ignored. Memoirs will make you wonder why people get into the field of mental health and psychiatry only to become burned out shells happy to bring on the valium so they don’t have to deal with the emotional detritus that was once some one’s mind.

The author has painted a vibrant picture what life is like on the inside. It’s not like the patients asked for what was happening to them; life happened to them for various reasons, a break caused by the death of Marilyns mom, the sexual abuse she suffered as a child and her brothers death as well.  The death of the narrators close friend and cousin caused his breakdown and commitment. There are other patients with similar stories. Then there is Doctor Buford, a first year resident who feels like a failure as he is not in a cushy private practice dealing with rich head cases so his wife can be happy.

There are laughs in this book and serious drama all pulled together to give the reader pause to think about this stuff.  Kenneth Weene has pulled stories from a private practice and years of counselling others to make a great novel for our times. Kudos and five stars to the author for a brilliant tale.

Wake of the Riddler by Janet Morris


wake of the riddler graphicI recently found out that not only are my beloved Thieves World books around, but many of the stories have been re-released in expanded format. My favorite character, Tempus Thales, and his infamous Sacred Band, have new stories to tell. Not only that, one of my favorite tales from Sanctuary, The Wake of the Riddler, is also out on Audible! You can listen to a free sample on Amazon:

The Wake of the Riddler at Amazon

 Review – Wake of the Riddler by Janet Morris

Narrated by Alex Hyde-White

I’m delighted to hear this short story after all these years. The Thieves World books are some of the best fantasy every written. Tempus & the Stepsons are incredible characters. I first encountered Thieves World and the city of Sanctuary shortly after I was married. My husband was a fan and owned all the books. I read them avidly and waited for each new edition. We had the entire collection and were so upset when the series ended. I re-read the books quite often and have many of them sitting on the shelves in my bedroom. Some are in boxes, but will be brought out soon to be enjoyed again from the very beginning.

Tempus & his band of Stepsons were immediate favorites in my house. Tempus, also called The Riddler, the character created by Janet Morris, is the ultimate anti-hero. You want to hate him, but you just can’t. Even he can’t cheat his fate, though he tries often enough.

The recording was extremely well done. Alex Hyde White’s voice is perfect for the mood of the story. I was impressed at his ability to convey the characters, including the women, with such skill. Listening to this recording brings the story alive once more and will delight fans.

I’m thrilled to have a taste of Sanctuary back in my life.