A heck of a good ride




Roller Coaster Ride is exactly what the name of this book. Life is often like a roller coaster on fair day. It has its ups and downs. Kendra Johnson is a twenty-five year old single mom of a precious ten year old boy.  She has over come the stigma of that along with her mothers promiscuity and drunkenness.

Along comes Daniel Crawford her first love and former football hero who was injured badly  leaving him wheelchair bound.  They rediscover each other on fair day.  Reunited they decide to forge ahead together and build a life with their son.  Here’s where the ride begins. Bring in a woman bent on revenge to make Kendra pay for her mothers sins, a friend who wants to destroy Daniel and claim Kendra as his.

Even with the action and deadly near misses this novel has the steam heat of a frothy romance and down home family values. The characters are rich and well developed and the author handles mental illness with class which just adds to the story.

I highly recommend ROLLER COASTER RIDE first in the GRISHOLM COUNTY SERIES as a first class read! I will wager 5 golden coasters that the reader will enjoy the ride.


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