And the Rain Came Down – S.A. Bailey


and the rain came downDesperate for money, Army veteran, Jeb Shaw, is ready to take any job he can get. When rich man, Buddy Harrison, offers him $10,000 to find his younger sister & bring her home, Jeb jumps at the chance. Unfortunately, no job is ever simple, a fact that Jeb realizes all too late. Trapped in a mire of drugs, deception & death, he must rely on his skills & cunning to survive.

Author S.A. Bailey weaves a riveting tale of mystery & intrigue in his novel, “And the Rain Came Down”. Readers move through the plot with Jeb, learning as he does, just how big a mess he’s gotten into. Bailey keeps us guessing until Jeb finally puts all the pieces together.

Jeb Shaw is a displaced soldier. Injured and traumatized by the war, he comes home finding that he no longer fits. He can’t manage school, hold a job or keep his marriage together. He drinks and smokes too much, indulging from time to time in drugs when he can get them. He’s in every way an anti-hero, yet as a reader, I find myself sympathizing with him. There is a core of tenderness there, deeply submerged, but strong. His actions, while I may not agree with them, stem from the unerring desire to protect the innocent. Though anti-heroic, he’s still a hero.

S.A. Bailey labels his genre, “Redneck Noir”, one he’s ideally suited for. As a self-proclaimed detective novel junkie, Bailey has found a unique voice, adding his distinctive East Texas twang to his gritty prose.

Bailey’s prose is almost poetic. His descriptions worthy of notice. In describing the small town outside the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex, he uses these words: “…the world I grew up in, a place that had remained, for better and worse, from another era. Out of time and tune as the world grew up around it. In the rearview, amid the rolling hills of pine and swampy river bottoms, a people and place, unique to both Texas and the south, would fade as far away from this world as ghosts of the Confederacy.”

“And the Rain Came Down” is worthy to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors.

5 Golden Acorns

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