Backstop – A Baseball Love Story in Nine Innings by J. Conrad Guest


Backstopfront-148x223Backstop – A Baseball Love Story in Nine Innings by J. Conrad Guest, is a unique novel. Told in first person by the catcher, or backstop, of the Detroit Tigers, it chronicles his career from rookie to career’s end.

Backstop, as everyone calls him, is an interesting man who breaks the jock mold. Hardly dumb, he continually surprises the reader with his intuitive insights and literary interests.

Darlene, the woman who wins Backstop’s heart, is also an interesting character. Hurt by a bad relationship, she’s loathe to commit, but finds herself drawn to this far from ordinary man. It’s up to Backstop to win her heart, but can he keep her love and trust?

Backstop’s reflections on his relationship with Darlene are interspersed with with play by play account of baseball games. Though I know very little about baseball, I enjoyed the descriptions. J. Conrad Guest makes the game come alive with his words. The reader can visualize the events as they unfold.

I highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a great baseball game and a good romance.

Five gold acorns!

© Dellani Oakes 2011


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