Connection – Jo Ramsey


connection by jo ramsey coverShanna Bailey’s life is far from happy. Her mother is overprotective and abusive. Her father does nothing to protect his daughter—never inserting himself between them. Now that she’s starting high school, Shanna isolates herself further, but hopes for one friend to ease her loneliness.

Her first day of school is predictably bad, but she happens to meet Jonah Leighton, an even bigger outcast than she. They become friends. Shanna isn’t sure how to handle the attention and kindness Jonah offers, thinking it make her beholden to him. Never having had a real friend, she alternates between accepting him and shoving him away. Regardless of how she behaves, Jonah continues to be friendly.

 Kaylie Sturbridge is rich and the most popular girl in school. Unfortunately, she has a problem that only Jonah and Shanna can help her with. She doesn’t want their help, but knows she can’t do this on her own and they are the only people who don’t abandon her.

“Connection” is the first book in Jo Ramsey’s ‘Reality Shift’ series. In it, we meet the two main characters, Shanna and Jonah. Both outcasts, they cling together in a friendship that seems to have spanned the ages. If one believes in past lives, as Jonah does, they were probably friends or lovers before. Their new relationship is unique, for each of them has never felt this immediate connection before.

 Ramsey, as always, treats her characters with deep respect, even love. She shows aspects of Shanna’s life that make the reader weep. Despite years of abuse, Shanna is a kind, loving person of intelligence. She may have problems with math, but she excels at other subjects. Her favorite thing to do is write. She’s filled notebooks with her stories, using them as a way to escape.

The reader learns less about Jonah, but it’s obvious that his life is vastly different from Shanna’s. He comes from a loving family. Although they don’t understand all that he’s into, they respect him and his beliefs.

I look forward to seeing how the relationship between Shanna and Jonah grows and matures as the characters do. I sense a deep, abiding love there that probably neither of them quite recognizes yet.

Jo Ramsey continues to be one of my favorite authors. Her work is consistently great, her characters well rounded, her plots engaging. She may write for YA, but her books are a wonderful read for adults as well. I loved “Connection” and will be reading more of the Reality Shift novels.

5 Golden Acorns

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