Ghost in the Mirror – Chantal Boudreau


Sonya is a lonely, lost soul of a woman. Battered and downtrodden by her life, she’s turned to drugs and alcohol. No matter how low she sank she always had Ole Nan.

Ole Nan, her grandmother, helped pick her up and dust her off. When Sonya’s life was falling apart, Ole Nan did her best to help her granddaughter.

Now, that prop of her life is gone, Sonya has nothing. Ole Nan passed, leaving Sonya alone. However, Sonya finds strength in an amazing and unusual place—an image in her mirror. She sees the face of an old woman who smiles at her, giving her strength to get through.

Ghost in the Mirror is a heart touching tale of a one lost woman’s journey to redemption. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who loves a story of faith and hope. (Tissues recommended)

5 Golden Acorns


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