Giveaways – An ABC Book of Loanwords from the Americas by Linda Boyden


Giveaways is a delightfully illustrated, wonderfully informative book by Linda Boyden. Hours of research and creativity went into this colorful book about words the Nagiveawaystive Americans have ‘given’ to the English language.

Want to know a good way to protect sheep? Read about a llama. Where did the idea of a barbeque come from? Ask the Taino people of the Caribbean. There are even legends about why the opossum’s tail is hairless and how the Fanilusa Bayou got its name.

Each page is lavishly illustrated with Linda’s magnificent and imaginative illustrations, showing that she is a talented artist as well as author. Linda tells about each word she’s chosen, as well as adding a bibliography in the back full of more fun facts.

I love Giveaways and have now added it to my substitute bag of tricks. I know it will thrill and delight the elementary children I work with.

5 Colorful Acorns

© 2013 Dellani Oakes


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