Scorpion Bay – Michael Murphy


scorpion bayParker Knight is a television news man. His wife, Erica, works for the District Attorney’s office and is investigating an important businessman, Harrison Bradley. In the course of the investigation, the car with her informant blows up, killing him, the driver and mortally wounding Erica.

Driven by grief, Parker embarks on a mission to bring the guilty parties to justice. What he finds in the course of his investigation, shocks him. With the help of his friends, Justin Kendall and Tina Banks, he brings the villains to justice.

“Scorpion Bay” is a fast paced adventure novel. It’s appropriate for adult readers who like a mystery packed with action, adventure and surprising plot twists. I found it extremely hard to put down.

Parker Knight and his friend Justin, are wonderful characters. They’re brave and heroic, though they aren’t infallible. They do make mistakes, showing their humanity. Somehow, by skill or plain dumb luck, they live to fight another day.

My favorite character is Tina Banks, Justin’s girlfriend. At first meeting, she comes off as kind of a bimbo, but as the book continues, she reveals more of her skills. She’s funny, intelligent and capable, keeping the men in line and kicking bad guy butt.

“Scorpion Bay” by Michael Murphy is a great read. I highly recommend it.

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© Dellani Oakes

Below is an interview with Michael Murphy

Hi Michael, how long have you been writing?

I’ve enjoyed writing most of my life. I started my first novel 12 years ago.

What is your first novel and what is it about?

The first novel I wrote was called The Class of ’68, best one the most formative year of my life and perhaps America’s most traumatic year of the twentieth century.

What is your favorite genre? Would you consider writing anything else?

I write mostly mystery/suspense, but my first is historical fiction and my last, and best yet, is a general fiction novel about Woodstock called Good-bye, Emily.

Is writing more of a hobby for you?

I’m fortunate enough to be a full time writer, so staying focused on my writing is what I do.

How do you go about writing and editing your novel?

I try to finish a first draft of a novel in four to six month and then I polish, polish, polish. 

Describe your author’s voice.

I’ve gradually found my voice, which is a touch of humor throughout. None of my novels are comedic in nature, with the possible exception of Ramblin’ Man, which is a romantic comedy. Each of my novels have been increasing funny to where my readers expect to laugh out loud from time to time. 

What novels have you written?

After The Class of ’68, I began my Casey Bannister series about a retired NYPD homicide detective who just can’t stay retired. The first was Try and Catch the Wind, followed by Secrets of Sheridan Manor and Cuts Like Knife. Ramblin’ Man is a spinoff of that series. Casey Bannister appears toward the end. The main character was a supporting character in the series. I also wrote an Arizona mystery/suspense novel, Cold File. I also have Scorpion Bay and Goodbye, Emily.

My books are available through Amazon and are available in most e-book formats.


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