Two Short and Interesting Tales


 Caitlin Invisible by Ben Bamber

For some reason, the spare room, which is under construction, holds great fascination for Caitlin. She can’t keep out of it. Nothing her parents do or say makes any difference. Is it something about that room that keeps her safe when the aliens abduct her family, only to return them later?

“Caitlin Invisible” by Ben Bamber is a slightly disturbing, highly thought provoking look at alien abduction. It leaves us with the question, Why are some chosen and others remain invisible? These questions haunt Caitlin and her parents, especially her mother.

This well crafted story ends with an interesting twist leaving the reader with more questions than it answers.

 Handful of Stars – Mark Iles

Connor is a problem child. Constantly running away and getting in trouble, he’s become difficult for Miranda to cope with. Called yet again to the facility where he lives, she finally has a frank talk with him. What she finds out surprises her.

Miranda discovers that Connor isn’t like most children. He’s not from around here. She doesn’t immediately believe what he tells her, but eventually comes to an understanding. With Miranda’s encouragement, Connor strikes out on his own once more, searching for his family in earnest.

“Handful of Stars” is a tenderly depicted story of loss, fear and acceptance. It is the very definition of a leap of faith.


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