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Author, Artist and Anyone’s Personal Marketing Guide by Rico Austin


Rico Austin Marketing GuideRico’s back and this time, he’s talkin’ turkey! About what, you may ask? About marketing. With a long line of experience as well as several posh degrees, Rico has written this helpful guide for those of us who aren’t so marketing savvy.

Whether you’re an experienced salesperson, or a complete novice, Rico Austin’s Author and Artist Guide to Marketing has something for you. He stresses that anyone can market, it’s a matter of learning what to do or not do.

Rico’s book is written in an easy going style that’s a comfortable read. He doesn’t use terms that are difficult to understand. I am not a marketing aficionado, so I appreciate that.

Especially helpful are the numbered key points at the end of each chapter. This provides a clear summation of the prior chapter. This book is all about readability and easy learning. I can tell that this is a resource I will refer to again and again.

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