Sexy Middle Ages

Sexy Middle Ages

Lady Smut

medievalsexby C. Margery Kempe

People believe just about any kind of foolishness about the Middle Ages, probably because of cartoons or bad teacher or I don’t know what. The truth is we still use a lot of wisdom from that time. The most outrageous idea is that people were prudish in medieval times.

Pardon me while I guffaw!

The thing I hear from my students is “the church controlled everything back then”; guffaws are now eclipsed by my stunned look of disbelief and rolling eyes. Yeah, at a time when most people went to church once a year, somehow that institution ‘controlled’ them. Yes, there are manuals the church made for quizzing people at that annual confession. Bet that was really effective, eh? What the monks wrote up didn’t necessarily have any bearing on what really happened. And monks were no puritans either: why do you think they were…

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