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Where the Winds Blow — Part 15


Cereal Authors

by Ruth Davis Hays  2011

After being interrupted by violence and shoved into a small room in nothing but a sheet, Lauralei was forced to listen to mumbles and screams as her world spun ever further out of her control. Now, as the days turn to weeks, she is determined to find out what is going on in the Khnyghtsyde house…

The wives of Solomen Khnyghtsyde, he had married for a reason. They were beautiful, unobtrusive, and generally obedient ladies. They knew their place in the family. But, his daughter did not.

She could be as willful and as deceitful as her father. In the time after that horrible morning, Lauralei was ordered to stay in her room until Solomen could arrange her punishment. A marriage to an elderly, hunchbacked noble who was moving to his estate in Yarna, a southern peninsula on the continent of Myretrae, was not truly…

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Christmas and a Vampire – Part 3


Cereal Authors

Christmas and a Vampire coverDirk catches up to Rafaela, finding a loophole in the home defenses to get himself inside. As always, he’s pretty adept at breaking through Rafaela’s, too.

Rafaela shoved him away, breaking his hold on her. Chest heaving, gut taut, she did her best to ignore the fact she wanted him. She always did. Even after he ravaged her family, killing some, turning others, she couldn’t resist his touch.

“I have work to do, Dirk.”

“Why, Rafaela? It’s almost Christmas.”

“No rest for the wicked.”

“And I would know.”

Her smile was tight, forced. He took a step away, shaking his head.

“Thanks to you, I have to find new accommodations. Someone burned crosses on my lawn.”

“What did you do to upset the neighbors this time?”

He turned to her, eyes sad. For a beast of his caliber, the sight was alarming. Rafaela took a step back, stance defiant.


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Where the Winds Blow — Part 14


Cereal Authors

by Ruth Davis Hays 2011

 As Lauralei waits, locked in a room below, her father Solomen tries to find the perfect punishment for the changeling’s crime against his family…

From the floor in the thinly lit room, ‘Khiall could not see what was going on as his stepfather’s large, broad-shouldered shape moved around behind his examination table. The sounds of muttered oaths and curses were intermingled with the crash of metal implements being thrown onto polished wood. Focusing on breathing without vomiting was the young fae’s only option at the moment. His body protested each movement.

So many things were tumbling around in his mind that he gave up trying to guess what was in store for him. He weakly gave in to the anguish that defined him. Tears stung his bloodshot eyes at the thought of Lauralei and through trembling lips he struggled to speak.

“Please, Stre-Vaero,” he…

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Fedelta: Parte 15: Reunion


Cereal Authors

7136052101_6ac1f02faa_z By Peter Kirkeskova Rasmussen via Flickr

Through the dirty window only a sliver of sunshine pierced the dimly lit hallways of the abandoned apartment building Detective Amato was now using as a hideout. Leading Cassie through the maze of littered corridors, they came to a staircase that went up 4 stories. In the stairwell, they encountered a homeless man sitting on the steps with his dog on his lap. Looking up at her, he smiled a toothless grin which Cassie returned rather nervously.

In complete silence she followed Amato until they reached a beige steel door with the number 42 written in worn out brass. It became obvious why Amato chose this place, it was a government housing project. These places were well built to endure the abuse doled out by tenants and the neglect from building managers. If he was ever compromised, this place would give Amato the precious…

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