Where the Winds Blow — Part 14


Cereal Authors

by Ruth Davis Hays 2011

 As Lauralei waits, locked in a room below, her father Solomen tries to find the perfect punishment for the changeling’s crime against his family…

From the floor in the thinly lit room, ‘Khiall could not see what was going on as his stepfather’s large, broad-shouldered shape moved around behind his examination table. The sounds of muttered oaths and curses were intermingled with the crash of metal implements being thrown onto polished wood. Focusing on breathing without vomiting was the young fae’s only option at the moment. His body protested each movement.

So many things were tumbling around in his mind that he gave up trying to guess what was in store for him. He weakly gave in to the anguish that defined him. Tears stung his bloodshot eyes at the thought of Lauralei and through trembling lips he struggled to speak.

“Please, Stre-Vaero,” he…

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