Where the Winds Blow — Part 17


Cereal Authors

by Ruth Davis Hays 2011

The Fae, under most circumstances, mimic humans in both looks and grace, a shimmering reflection cast in nigh immortal hues. Though, which race was born first remains a secret that only the Creators knew. Alike in body, but not in mind; the Fae spirit soars on a passionate wind. While humankind finds release or prophesy in the visions of sleep, the Fae heart has tales, past, present, and future it must keep. Though they do not dream the fancies humans sometimes do ; more often than not, the Fae do indeed dream things true…

A crowd of excited children gathered around the jeering ten-year old human boy and his victim. The boy was tall and husky with a mop of unruly, red hair hanging in his dull, brown eyes. The freckles covering his face danced with his taunting grin. He was enjoying the attention from…

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