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Wrtier’s Block by M.P. Witwer


writers block storyWriter’s Block is charmingly and delightfully written. A light hearted look at not only writer’s block, but a little romance to go with it. It’s a poignant presentation of one writer’s journey as she finds confidence in herself as an author and a woman. The character’s voice is full of longing at the start, but soon, she finds the strength she needs to move on. I greatly enjoyed this short story.

Five Golden Acorns

M.P. Witwer is a writer, editor, writing website moderator and clay artist. Her work has earned several awards, and herMP Witwer
writing has appeared in publications worldwide. While her writing leans toward heartfelt, a penchant for satire and word play emerges in the guise of her alter ego, Maggie Rascal. 
They both live near Seattle.

M.P. Witwer’s work includes: Lost and Found – A Short Tale of Dogged Determination. She is included in the 2013 Flash Fiction Anthology and Twist of Fate, an anthology from authors and poets worldwide. Proceeds of Twist of Fate go to charity.

Mice & Spiders & Webs… Oh, My! by Sherrill S. Cannon


Kids Hear the Darnedest Things!

mice and spiders and webs sherrill s cannonMice & Spiders & Webs….Oh, My! by Sherrill S. Cannon is a charming look at misunderstandings. Rosemary declares she’s no longer going to school because they are going to be getting a mouse. She’s also sure there will be spiders because the teacher mentioned a web. To calm her down, her mother agrees to talk to the teacher the next day. What follows is a humorous look at how children can misinterpret what we say, and the importance os clear communication.

As with all Sherrill Cannon’s books, the subject is treated with warmth and compassion. No one makes fun of Rosemary for her misunderstanding and fear. There is a non-judgmental humor to help reveal the message: Talking to our children is so important, as is doing our best to find out the truth, or fallacy, of every situation.

Mice & Spiders & Webs…. Oh, My! is very readable for an adult. It would be fun to share with a child over and over again.

The bright and colorful illustrations by Kalpart, will engage a child’s attention time and again.sherrill cannon

5 Golden Acorns

Fedelta Parte 17: Misplaced Faith


Cereal Authors

Pic by Jon S. via Flickr Pic by Jon S. via Flickr

When Cassie got to apartment, she was startled to see that Amato was nowhere in sight. He must be sleeping, Cassie thought to herself. Putting the groceries on the kitchen counter, she took off her jacket and began looking for a solo cup to put her cereal and milk into. As she munched down she reached for yesterday’s paper and out of it slipped a piece of paper. Picking it up, Cassie noticed it was a legal document of some sort. Curiosity killed the cat and she read it, to her shock it was a will, Amato’s will. It read:
I Jonathan Amato of Brooklyn, New York, revoke my previous wills and condicils and declare this to be my last will and testament.
Article I
I am married to Irene Butler and all references in this will to my spouse are references to Irene.

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