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Mexico Got Lucky – Rico Austin


mexico got luckyMexico Got Lucky, a new offering by Rico Austin, is a poignant tale of one man’s frantic search for his beloved companion, Lucky. Stolen from the car at a Mexican beach, Lucky seems to be gone for good. His loving human refuses to give up on him, believing that Lucky and he will be reunited.

Once again, Austin pulls the reader into the tale, setting the stage with his comfortable prose. His easy going style leads us through this compelling tale. For pet lovers everywhere, this is a must read!

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Five Golden Acorns

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Fedelta Parte 18: Hunted


Cereal Authors

Photo by vhmh via Flickr Breaching by vhmh via Flickr

*Warning language*

“Open the door Amato, this is your last warning!” said the police officer on the other side of the door. Scrabbling around the apartment, Amato collected several of his personal effects and shoved them into a duffle bag. Meanwhile Cassie was loading her gun, “What are you gonna do take out the cops with your antique 38?” Amato mocked.
“If I have to,” Cassie said standing her ground in front of the door.
“Come on!” Amato ordered.

Following him into another bedroom, he led her to a closet where there was a hole in the wall which was big enough for a human being. Whispering he said, “Go! It’ll take you to the apartment next door. By the time they figure it out, we’ll be gone.” It was brilliant.

First Cassie walked through then Amato who went over to one of the windows…

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