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A Killing At Cotton Hill: Terry Shames

A small town has someone who you might call the town gossip or in this case her name is Loretta. She is not offensive, mean or cruel but manages to have her pulse on what is happening in the small town of Jarrett Creek. Murder is not the norm in this town but someone made sure that Dora Lee Parjeter did not live out her days in Cotton Hill. She was found murdered. Poor Loretta was doubled over with grief, could not believe that her friend was gone and had just spoken to her the previous evening.

Sam Craddock was the former police chief now retired and the present one Rodell Skinner doubles as the town drunk as well as police chief. Inept, not capable of solving where he might have put his own gun if misplaced, Sam, the former Police Chief, decides…

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The Necessary Murder of Nonie Blake


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The Necessary Murder of Nonie Blake: A Samuel Craddock Mystery (Samuel Craddock Mysteries): Terry Shames

In a small town called Jarrett Creek a young girl comes back into town unnoticed. A family that seems distant and close-knit yet in reality each one harboring their own secrets and thoughts as a member of their family unexpectedly arrives causing a chain of events that would change their lives forever. Why was Nonie Blake sent home from a mental institution with her suitcase in hand and no notice to anyone that she was about to arrive? For 20 years she was housed in this institution for trying to kill her young sister Charlotte by hanging her. The fact that she was returning frightened the residents and living with her family again brought back memories they chose to forget. Difficult to handle, not sociable at all and distant from her family, Nonie was not…

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The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery


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The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery: Herbie J Pilato

Extremely important, necessary fundamental to the nature of someone or something are several definitions for the word essential. Author Herbie J Pilato has created a plethora of information in which he shares with readers about what he feels are the extremely important, necessary fundamental things that everyone should know about this icon of television, theater, movies and stage: Elizabeth Montgomery. If there was a recipe with ingredients for how someone expands on the qualities of a person’s life all of the essentials are here. Starting with the author’s notes where he relates how he came to write this book, growing up watching her on television and interning at NBC. Watching Bewitched after breaking his toe started his journey. Working in NBC in many different capacities helped him use this as a starting point especially in the Press and Publicity department. Imagine helping to…

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