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Know Your Worth


Wonderful article by Amanda M. Thrasher!

Cereal Authors

I’ve been a writer of sorts for years and not by choice. It’s true; never set out to be a writer. Writing can be both rewarding and become a brutal chore within the confinements of few pages. It depends on the moment. For some, an idea becomes an instant outline for a potential novel. And for others, often those desperate to produce their next piece, ideas that once seemed viable suddenly disintegrate before they get started. Frustration in the middle of a plot leads to panic, and God forbid one should experience writers block. I’ve yet to suffer such, writers block, thank goodness!

People write for different reasons. Fame and fortune (don’t buy into that unless you’re willing to work hard, pay the price, and do your homework). Others write to share their experiences; inspire and teach. For the joy of it, advancement in their professional or academic worlds, to…

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Cereal Authors

Book cover for Dead on arrival   Laura Hamilton is a divorcee with a penchant for bad luck. Waking up on a monday is never easy. Waking up to find a dead guy in your living room is beyond the pale.  Laura is forced to deal with a by the books detective and a stalker and is ready to snap. On the plus side she hooks up with the hunky building manager.  Stay glued to find high speed chases, romance and alot of suspense.


Dead on arrival, a Laura Hamilton murder mystery by Karen Vaughan is a must read for anyone who loves a mystery with a bit of twisted humor. Ms. Vaughan, brings us a brilliant and funny character in Laura Hamilton. This book is a definite keeper and will find a place in my reread list through the years. Truly who cannot love a book whose main character is full of charm, wit…

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