First Love – Part 47


Dellani Oakes

First Love coverThe next morning, Jose is at the church, talking to the fire chief. Another man meets them and they talk a few minutes about if anyone can prove Ramon is responsible. He asks if they can tell he’s a lawyer.

“Not a lot,” Clayton admitted. “But I bet you’re hell in the courtroom.”

“I’m known as El Diablo,” the man said with a smirk. “But you can all me Ted.” He shook hands all around, chuckling at their awed expressions.

“Why do they call you The Devil?” Maddie asked him, apart from the others. They busily mixed adobe as people filled their buckets.

Ted raised an eyebrow. “You can keep a secret?”

“Sure.” She crossed her heart with a fingertip.

Ted chuckled. “In court, we usually put your hand on a Bible, but that will do.” He leaned closer, lowering his voice. “I was in prison.”

“In pri—” Maddie…

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