First Love – Part 52


Dellani Oakes

First Love coverGabe, realizing that Clayton is upset about Maddie’s interest, goes to talk to him. He confesses that he’s jealous of Clayton because all Maddie has talked about—is him.

“Yeah. You’ve got an amazing girl. If I were a real prick, I’d beat your ass and carry her away. But since I’m a gentleman, I’m stepping off. I can see how much she cares about you. I might want her for myself, but I can’t. You helped find Claire, a girl you clearly can’t stand. I think that’s the most honorable thing I ever saw anyone do.” He held out his hand to Clayton. “So, go sit by your lady before one of the others notices I’m gone and moves in on her.”

Clayton laughed, shaking Gabe’s hand. “Thank you. I didn’t want to lose her, but—crazy as it seems, if she went with anyone…. You’re a good man, too.”


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