First Love – Part 57


Dellani Oakes

First Love coverAs they are saying goodnight, they hear an explosion outside.

Moments later, all their friends were downstairs, trying to get into the kitchen all at once. Clayton tried to use the phone, but the line was dead. It proved unnecessary. Police cars and a fire engine pulled up minutes later. From the kitchen windows, they could see flames and rubble where the torreón had been.

“I’m going out,” Craig said. “They may need help.” He jogged upstairs to dress.

The boys decided to go with him. Since Clayton and Daniel were still fully clothed, they ran outside. The others dashed after Craig, to dress. The torreón was gone. Instead, a blackened pit full of charred debris greeted them. Over all the noise, they heard a voice calling faintly.

“You hear that?” Daniel asked.

“Yeah. Where’s it coming from?”

“Over there.”

They ran over to a pile of adobe bricks and…

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