First Love – Part 58


Dellani Oakes

First Love coverTo their horror, they discover that the torreón has been bombed, trapping Claire and Jane in the rubble. They thought that Claire got a note from Gabe, telling her to be there at eleven.

“I know Gabe didn’t send that note,” Maddie said. “He doesn’t even like Claire.”

“She was sure,” Beverly insisted.

“Because she wanted it to be true doesn’t mean it was,” Maddie said, unkindly. “He thinks she’s a bitch. Do you have the note?”

“It’s in the trash upstairs.”

“Show me.” Maddie picked up the Platex gloves and a plastic bag from the kitchen and followed Beverly upstairs.

“It’s here in the trash,” Beverly reached for it.

“Wait. Let me get it.” Maddie put on the gloves and lifted the crumpled note. She opened it just enough to read it.

Meet me at the playhouse at 11 PM tonight. I have something special for you. Gab


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