Interview with Stephanie Osborn on Angie’s Diary–Stephanie Osborn


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It’s time to revisit an old favorite!  The Interview not the author!

Interview  by  Paul Collins June 14, 2016

Stephanie Osborn, the Interstellar Woman of Mystery is a writer, editor, and former rocket scientist currently residing in Huntsville, AL. With a keen interest in Holmesiana and matters mysterious, she authors finely-crafted science fiction mysteries.

Tell us something about your background.
Well, I’m from just outside Clarksville TN originally. Ever heard the song, Take the Last Train to Clarksville? Written about my hometown. I have graduate and undergraduate degrees in astronomy, physics, chemistry, and mathematics, as well as an undergrad minor and graduate subspecialty in geology.

Stephanie-OsbornI have a ministry license, am an NWS-certified storm spotter, have been a duly sworn peace officer, an ACE certified personal trainer, a tutor; I used to teach at the US Space Camp…and I left the space program a few years after I lost…

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