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A Dollar Bill And A Bag Of Silver


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I know exactly what I want to obtain in regards to my writing career. And I know exactly what it will take to get there; hard work. I believe that most people, some authors included, think once a book is released the work is done, but the truth is the work is just beginning. Building an author platform, marketing, well it’s safe to say it’s a never ending job.

Being an author, especially a children’s author, I experience things that I normally wouldn’t do such as speaking to large crowds, visiting schools, conferences or book signings to name a few of them. To say you meet the neatest people or kids in this field would be an understatement. Some memories are permanently ingrained in your mind. I caught a glimpse of a boy who had given me one of the most memorable experiences of my career as an author. Seeing…

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Room 103 Excerpt from Dellani’s Tea Time Social Media Show


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room 103 front coverI read this excerpt of my newest book on Dellani’s Tea Time Monday, June 13. You can catch the podcast here. This is a little longer than what I read on the show, just to give a sweet teaser for the rest of the story, now available on Amazon.

“I don’t want the money!” the loud male voice boomed out from the motel owner’s apartment.

Eavesdropping shamelessly, I waited to see if it turned ugly, hand on my phone in case I needed to call someone. There was a lot of anger radiating from that room.

“I just want a letter of apology, acknowledgment of what they did to me.”

“Come on, Englund, he wants you to have the money for pain and suffering. A public apology….”

“Would simply open old wounds—mine. I do all right here. I make a decent living. If it’s all over the papers, it…

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Starting Over with Baby Steps


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ID-100323973 Image courtesy of atibody at

For some of us, life is a series of “next steps”: new career, new job, new hobby, new challenges, maybe even a new family member in the form of a spouse, child, or grandchild.

For others of us, life sometimes becomes a series of backward steps. Lately, I’ve been stepping backward a lot. I’ve stepped backward to a quieter pre-children household, now that my kids are grown and have moved away (two of them to opposite sides of the country!).

I’ve stepped back to the idea of returning to a former career. I’ve stepped back to a simpler, less-cluttered life—through the donation and selling of unneeded belongings.

And now I’m trying to step back and once again find my identity as a writer. For many years, I felt unworthy of claiming that title, but as my work began to be published, I finally embraced…

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Chapter 1

I had been visiting Elaine’s cottage near Bancroft. We’re on a walk at the Eagles Nest which sits high over the north end of the town. The view was spectacular and today it did not disappoint.

I am seven and half months pregnant and feeling pretty energetic. Yes I said pregnant. It must’ve happened in Jamaica last fall. Gerry and I were not disappointed whatsoever as we wanted to try for a family before was too late for either of us.

We had had a mild winter by Ontario standards. Elaine suggested a walk while I could still move before the third trimester waddle set in.  I readily agreed as exercise would make labour easier and I wouldn’t gain too much baby weight.

Before I go on my name is Laura Fitz. I am a member of the CSI team for the Metropolitan Toronto police service and…

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A fantastic kids book for teaching manners and compassion


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The kids were looking for the Golden Ruler. They found something better THE GOLDEN RULE. In their own way they described a wonderful way to live and be happy.

Once again Ms. Cannon has struck Gold! It is a fantastic way to talk about something that  we need to keep in mind every day from a children’s point of view. Told in the usual easy rhyming cadence, the book is a fast and easy read.  I give THE GOLDEN RULE 5 golden rulers for great writing and an important message for every one… This is a great book for primary grades and provides a wonderful teaching moment for parents and teachers.

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Sea of Destiny – Part 48


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sea of destiny coverOn his way to Miami to see his father, Kyle makes a detour and stops in West Palm Beach to see their old house, now a wreck from hurricane damage.

Standing with his hands in his pockets, he teased a section of the driveway with his toes, clearing the space. Two hand prints marked the driveway. His neat and clear, Chris’ scrunched, almost indiscernible as a hand. Their names and the date had been inscribed beneath, but it wasn’t their mother’s writing. “Christopher and Kyle June 5th, 1983.”

Kyle barely remembered that day. Their dad, so proud of the new house, had driven them over when the concrete was poured. The men let him make the prints and scratch the names in the concrete, laughing as the baby protested.

He snapped a photo of it with his cellphone. “We were happy then, weren’t we? Or did I just think that…

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Dellani’s Tea Time Presents the Social Media Show with JD, Karen and Marta


Be sure to listen in Monday June 13 at 4 PM EDT (3 CDT, 2 MDT, 1 PDT) on Blog Talk Radio, Red River Radio Network​

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Once in awhile, Dellani and Christina talk to one another, as well as a few stellar authors, and chat about using social media to publicize yourself as an author. Listen in MONDAY JUNE 13 at 4:00 PM Eastern time (3 Central, 2 Mountain, 1 Pacific) when we chat with JD Holliday, Karen Vaughan and Marta Moran Bishop.

JD Holiday Janosse the Goose, The Spy Game, The Great Snowball Escapade and more at Amazon

Karen Vaughan Left for Dead, Jamaica Dead, Daytona Dead and many more at Amazon

Marta Moran Bishop The Between Times, Darkness Descends, Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal, and many more at Amazon

Rachel Rueben Hag, Eternal Bond, Fedelta. Rachel’s Amazon page

Dellani Oakes Lone Wolf, One Night in Daytona Beach, Room 103 and many more at Amazon

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