Characters I love to Hate! by Karen Vaughan


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Karens final choice 6d OVER HER DEAD BODY

LEENA DUBOIS BROWN AKA JULIE WRIGHT is the quintessential bitch in this story. She is used to getting what she wants exactly when she wants it. When her much older rich husband seeks a paramour more his own age Leena decides there is only room for one woman riding the meal ticket-her!  Like a woman scorned, Leena sets out to eliminate the competition –one Ethel Peterson who never saw it coming!

Leena is the aging showgirl Sandford (Sandy) Brown married on the fly. She comes across like Leena Lamont in SINGING IN THE RAIN–dumb as a bag of rocks but do not cross her. She has a caustic tongue and a toxic attitude to match!

leena dubois brown

My choice to portray Leena would be KRISTEN JOHNSON from 3 ROCK FROM THE SUN.

She could pull off the designer clothes and Jimmy Choos in a heartbeat!

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