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Where the Winds Blow — 32


Cereal Authors

by Ruth Davis Hays

Watching the thin pale smoke inside one of the numerous glow orbs that lined the gallery, Lauralei issued a deliberate sigh. Her maidservant, Ameila, glanced in her direction as they strolled. The Contes had requested Ameila accompany her to the royal court and for that opportunity, the maidservant was grateful. Yet, the few drops of elven blood still residing in her family line were weary of being deep underground. She was longing for wind and trees, the smells of the season and the ripple of leaves. Her psyche screamed, and no matter the height of the room, she wanted to claw off her face.

Shuddering at the ever growing distance she felt from all things green, Ameila tried to attend to her mistress’s mood. “A sigh of boredom or despair, Contes? Are you ready to return to Jeullion?”

“Even you are addressing me by title now?”

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Character Quotes from The Excursion by Ruth Davis Hays


Cereal Authors

Excursion-cover-webWithout waiting for her to ask more, Trevalin released
her and turned to leave. He could not. His feet refused
to part from her. He looked back longingly. “If you
should need me tonight, I would give you all and hold
back nothing.” He sighed. “I would be your slave. But,
I know that I am not your first choice.”

She was left alone, weak-kneed and tingling, to sit
back upon the window seat cushion, guessing what
might be thrown at her next. The hours before the
midnight spellcasting were going to be long indeed.


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Cereal Authors


An action-packed boxed Set of 6 Whodunits – Hard boiled, soft boiled, and just plain funny! Come and join the mystery world of six amazing authors!

A DEAD HUSBAND (Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Book 1) by Anna Celeste Burke
DEAD END: a Carson Reno Mystery (Carson Reno Mystery Series Book 13) By Gerard Darnell
MIDNIGHT OWL (A Joe Leverette Mystery Book 1) by Viv Drewa
CHAOS AT CRESCENT CITY MEDICAL CENTER (Alexandra Destephano Book 1) by Judith Lucci
SWAMP GHOSTS: Riverbend Book 1 by Marcia Meara
JAMAICA DEAD (Laura and Gerry Mystery Book 5) by Karen Vaughan

13933036_10210379217784875_1873219103_nA DEAD HUSBAND (Jessica Huntington Desert Cities MysteryBook 1) by Anna Celeste Burke
“My first day as a sleuth was more Stephanie Plum than Miss Marple.”Jessica Huntington, amateur sleuth with a shopping jones and a black AMEX card, finds out money can’t buy happiness, or save your neck. Even in a desert…

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Snippet from One Fat Witch by Heather Poinsett Dunbar and Christopher Dunbar


Cereal Authors

A few weeks ago I posted a quote from this scene.  Here’s the entire piece from one of the manuscripts we’ve been working on lately.

Hazel, an Archaeology prof as well as a solitary eclectic witch decides to visit a new age story called Bunny’s Garden with a coworker and picks up a new piece of jewelry that catches her eye.

For those in the know, the term ‘bunny’ or rather ‘fluffy bunny’ has a lot of connotations in the Pagan/New Age arena.

However, this piece of jewelry is anything but ‘fluffy bunny’.  😉

It’s a first draft, so please be gentle.  😉


They exited the sushi bar and headed towards Bunny’s Garden.

“Okay, you were right about the sake,” Hazel admitted.  “It was much better than a margarita.”

“Hey, the Japanese have been pairing sake and sushi for generations.  They know their food and tequila may not mix,”…

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Fedelta Parte 25: Forget Me Not


Cereal Authors

397450942_c0cb3cf04e_z Pic By Arthur Lin via Flickr

Cassie waited impatiently in the corner booth of Carmelita’s for Stephano.  Tapping her red nails on the table’s black, laminate veneer, she wondered what was the angle?  Either he had talked to his boss, or he didn’t want his wife Destiny, hearing what he had to say.  Perhaps it was a little of both?  Turning her head towards the window, she watched people passing by the restaurant, when finally she saw him.  Dressed in a long wool coat,  with his face barely peeking out from his black fedora was Stephano Rimaldi.  Flanked by his two bodyguards, he walked into the restaurant and was greeted instantly by a server who took his coat and hat then, carefully placed them on the coat rack in the corner.  Stephano looked over his should at one of his men and without fumbling, the man pulled out a fifty…

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First Meeting from He Needed Killin’


Dellani Oakes

He Needed Killin possible cover photo2This is from my newest finished novel, He Needed Killin’ (not yet published). It’s only been read by one person, a lady who loaned her name to the text, Tory Copeland—cause she’s awesome (and so is the character named after her). Though this isn’t specifically the first meeting, it’s the first conversation between Dill and Haylee.

“So, RJ found you, huh?”

“Yeah. Not sure how that happened.”

“I do. Leanne, our dispatcher, told him when he called in. We asked her not to, but she’s honest to a fault, and it felt like a lie. In her defense, she thought he was genuinely worried about you. He can be damn convincing when he wants.”

“Yeah. He’s a snake.”

“Tell me what happened.”

“I worked partly in the office, then Bark needed me on the bar. I have experience, so I agreed. Good night, no serious issues. It felt great to…

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