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Where the Winds Blow — Chapter 33


Cereal Authors

by Ruth Davis Hays

He stood, the chill air caressing his skin. Eyes closed to the world around him, D’harro’mar’rie’Khiall let his fate sink into his conscious mind, feeling it tickle the raw indignation of the last few days.

The Blessed Fathers of the Monastic Temple University of Coreigan had made up their minds about his motives and guilt long before his tribunal had begun. Twelve hours spent with his neck tied to a rock in order to incapacitate him was the least of his trials as he was relentlessly questioned and prodded.


The first moment they had allowed him to stand upright, he had insisted to them, “Nothing happened in the garden.”

“We will decide that. Now, open your mouth.”

“Why?” Khiall flinched back from the approaching acolyte. “I’m bathed in blood, yet you want to look in my mouth? I didn’t bite him!”

“Father Grae is simply…

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First Meeting from Snowed


Dellani Oakes

snowed-cover-4Big Mike” Reubens has been seeing more action in the last few days, than he’s seen in quite some time. However, when he finds his mother is driving from Queens to Cheyenne, Wyoming just to see him, he’s puzzled. His confusion grows when she says she’s bringing a man with her, as well as his daughter. He and Sarena bond over the phone, expressing interest in one another. They have finally arrived and Mike meets her for the first time, but his mother interrupts before he even has a chance to kiss her. At the motel, they decide to go out for dinner as a group.

“I’ll grab my coat,” Sarena said, tugging my hand. “Mike, help me find where I left my key-card.”

I followed her into her room.

“Our folks don’t know how close we’ve gotten the last few days,” she said. “I wanted them to feel…

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Character Quotes from Car Trouble by Dellani


Cereal Authors

character-quotes-imageKent Mason is an up and coming author. On his way home from a tri-state book signing tour, his car conks out only 22 miles from home. It’s night and it’s raining. A call to his roadside assist assures him that help is on the way. What he didn’t expect was that help would be in the form of Calliope Jacoby. She agrees to take him home, but before that, they stop for coffee.

Calliope grinned, taking a sip of her coffee.

I sipped mine too, stinging my mouth. Gasping, I gulped my water to cool my blistered tongue. Eyes watering, I stirred my coffee and took a bite of my pie.

“I should have warned you. It’s the hottest coffee I’ve ever had. I don’t know how they do it.”

“Pass it through a nuclear generator,” I speculated. “Dear God, that’s hot! Now that I’ve nearly killed myself, any…

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Solaris – A Sci-Fi Tale from the Lone Wolf World


Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

Beautiful New Cover by Suzette VaughnI’ve written short stories to accompany my Lone Wolf series, but realized a few years ago, that I needed some prequels to the series. I wrote my first one, The Wall of Time, as my first NaNoWriMo novel in 2007. This novel, Solaris is actually going to be a combination of two novels I’ve started, plus a short piece I wrote for my Fun in Writing group.

There are times when I introduce characters and am totally surprised by them. I admit, this book has already surprised me several times, not only with this scene, but others where Wil reveals a depth of emotions he’s never shown before. Of course, he’s never been in this situation before, and it shakes him to his core. Deciding that he must do something to exact retribution for the women and children who died on Solaris, Wil goes to see an old acquaintance.


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Find Your Voice And Keep It


Cereal Authors


I am a writer first and foremost, author second to that. If you know me or have heard me speak, I have made this statement on multiple occasions. The writer’s goal is to evoke emotion. To ensure the audience smiles laughs, cries, becomes angry or hurts for the characters that make up the story line. All writers/authors hope to fulfill this role successfully. Success can mean many things; dollars as in unit sales, emails from fans, parents, and aspiring writers, book signings or even requests for paid speaking engagements.

My intent as a writer/author has never changed. To deliver, regardless of how horrific the topic, stories that have beautiful endings. Why? I just like them and believe we do not have enough of them, therefore choose to create stories or pieces that have them. I am a visual writer, so laying out scenes that allow my audience to see what…

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