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The Music Behind the Story – Lone Wolf


Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

music-behind-the-storyThere are times when I mention songs, quote a snippet, or have the characters dancing to their favorite tunes. Music seems important in romance novels, because it sets the mood and brings the characters closer.

I hit a little bit of a brick wall when I thought of including songs in my sci-fi series. They characters listen to music, but they aren’t very likely to burst into song with something we know as familiar. Why? Because the series begins in the year 3032. This doesn’t mean that music can’t inspire me as I write. In fact, I found great inspiration for Lone Wolf in the music of Jeff Beck from the Blow by Blow album. I was first introduced to this album when I was in high school. It remains a favorite.

As I wrote the first scene, I listened to Diamond DustShe’s a Woman and Cause We’ve Ended as…

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