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Cereal Authors

KARENS BOOK QUOTES “How long ago?” Brian asked. 

 “Oh about half an hour ago and then they went out. They said they’re staying here and that they were in line behind you earlier when you checked in.  They said you would know who it was from, so I didn’t ask their names.”

“Thank you, Miss”  Brian replied.  “We’d like to make a reservation for later in the restaurant. Is that possible for about 6:30 were meeting friends.”

“I will do that for you.  Hey has anybody ever told you, you look like that guy from Baywatch? Not David Hasselhoff, the other one, you know the one, the guy with the piercing blue eyes and the intense stare? He was cute and so are you.”

“Yeah, I get that all the time, I only wish I had the body he did.”

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