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Outtakes from The Maker – Book 3 Lone Wold Series by Dellani Oakes


Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

The Maker frontAs I’ve mentioned before, not every scene makes it to the final draft. The Maker was worse than some. Apparently, I had a lot to say in this book. A lot of it wasn’t necessary, so I made the tough choice to cut it out. One such scene follows.

Ben is trying to keep Wil occupied so he won’t dwell on something that’s happened. He decides the best way to distract him is to give him the workout to end all. After hitting the heavy bag, Ben asks the sentient ship, Hammer, for something special from his youth.

Ben picked up a whiplike weapon, weighing it, feeling it’s balance.

“I didn’t know you used these. Don’t see them often any more, they quit making them about thirty years ago.”

“Yeah, I got that about fifty-three years ago. I can’t remember what the damn thing is called.”

Ben eyed the…

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Truth, As Strange As Fiction: Man With A Gun

Truth, As Strange As Fiction: Man With A Gun

Cereal Authors

   Truth, As Strange As Fiction: Man With A Gun496515016

    by JD Holiday

              Back in the mid 70’s, I was the sole provider for my family. It was me and three year daughter named Jennifer while my husband, Angelo, interned in a hospital for a job in the Nuclear Medicine field.

              Up until this time I was a cashier in a supermarket but I could not make enough money to pay the bills. Not knowing what else to do to find a job where I would make enough, (I knew at the time, your months rent should be the same as your weekly salary,) I bought the newspaper every day.

              Looking back it seemed it wasn’t long, and only about five job interviews, until the right job came along that I thought could make what I needed to make ends meet. It was $40 short of the rent…

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