Music Behind the Story from The Maker by Dellani Oakes


Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

As many of you know, I love listening to music when I write. I don’t usually put together a specific playlist for a story, but I do like to give my characters theme songs. I particularly like to do this for such dynamic characters as Wil, Matilda and Marc. Wil is easy to find a theme song for. He’s led a life of violence, mayhem, assassination and war, leaving chaos in his wake. Any song depicting violence is a good one for him, but I have two in particular that I like. The one I usually tell people, because the title isn’t as offensive, is Bodiesby Drowning Pool. The first line is “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor….” Wil’s professional life in a nutshell.

My second (and personal favorite of the two) Is Die Mother Fucker Die by Dope. Much more offensive title and lyrics (I won’t quote them…

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