Introducing Tear Jerkers by Dellani


Love Under the Sun

Tear JerkersSometimes, a scene in a story makes you cry. It’s a fact of life that occasionally stories get sad. I think it’s a mark of good writing if the scene makes me cry as I write it. If it moves me to tears as I create it, then it should have the same effect on my readers. Once in awhile, I go back and read through something I’ve written, and I find myself moved to tears yet again.

Thus, the Tear Jerker series of excerpts came to be. From time to time, I will share these with you. I hope you will enjoy them, accepting them in the spirit they are intended, to touch a certain something inside.

Below is one of my favorite scenes. No one likes funerals, but they are, sadly, a fact of life. In this story, Author of Love, Blake Atherton has been asked to do…

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