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Need An Answer, Ask A Kid


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If you’re a parent, grandparent, teacher or around kids for any length of time, then you already know kids have their opinion about most things. They’re often brutally honest, which I find quite refreshing; if you want the truth, ask a child.

One of the neatest things about being a co-owner of a publishing company is the freedom we have regarding our work, design, production, marketing, and pricing.

Freedom of such things do not come without cost, and we often learn lessons along the way, some we’d rather not. Many would argue that those are the best kind of experiences to learn from and I agree with that, and I’m sure we’ll continue to discover new and exciting processes throughout this publishing journey as this turbulent industry continues to change.

The request to conduct a workshop happened to come in at the same time as a new series cover reveal…

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Truth, As Strange As Fiction: Bothered, Part 2


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girls and flags2 WARNING: violence.

Truth, As Strange As Fiction: Bothered, Part 2 

by JD Holiday

©May 2018         

Shortly after that, I joined a drum and bugle corps. It was a teen group for thirteen to seventeen year olds. My friend this time with Kathy Donahue. Her older brother, Mike was a drummer. Kathy was thirteen too, so she and I are joining together. Girls were in the Honor and Color guards. We would be in the newbies. That was where girls learn to carry the flag and twirl them in nice patterns to go with the instrumentalmusic the boys made with the drums and brass horns. The girls in the newbies would join the Honor and Color Guard the following year when the older girls turned eighteen and would be leaving the corps. practice2

              So Kathy and I and about another ten to twelve other girls would sp

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Sarcasm, Cynicism and Irony by Dellani


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Sassy SarcasticWhen dealing with sarcasm, one cannot forget its best friends, cynicism and irony. These fellows are rarely separated, though the latter two aren’t always as easy to spot. I used to teach high school Advanced Placement English, and we had an entire section on irony. My students had some trouble with it, initially, until we started picking things apart, looking for it. I had posters and worksheets – in fact, I think I still do.

According to most authorities, there are Three Types of Irony: Verbal, Situational and Dramatic. Not to go into a lengthy lesson, but brief descriptions follow: 

Verbal: As the term implies, this is the use of ironic tone, or words which mean the direct opposite of what the character says.

Oh, thanks for that. I needed Amaretto spilled on my pants.”

It will be worth noting that a lot of sarcasm relies on…

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Fedelta 2: Making The Next Move


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Fedelta Book 2 Making The Next Move

As Amato and Jimmy made their plans, Cassandra was making hers.  Desperate for cash, she knew she had to start liquidating her assets if she wanted to escape.  Doing her best to stay one step ahead of the cops, she grabbed her spare phone, and started looking up the number to her local bank branch manager.  With her fingers crossed, she called and explained that she needed to withdraw all of her money.  “In cash?” the manager asked rather surprised.

“No, in puka shells,” she retorted, “Of course in cash!”

“Well Ms. Fenetti, we’ll need at least 24 hours.”


“We’re low in cash,” the manager explained.

“You’re a bank, how is that even possible?”

“Just bear with us Ms. Fenetti. We’ll have all of the funds tomorrow.”

“Urgh!  Okay, I’ll be there at opening.”

“Alright, see you then.” He said in a sickening sweet tone.

Hanging up the phone…

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