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Alphabet Challenge Too – Letter G from Game Junkies by Dellani



ABC ChallengeYoung and hard working, Colby Thatcher likes to play video games with his friends. He’s hung around the same group, since middle school. Now in their twenties, they are still good friends. The following is from the first couple of pages of the book.

The line at Game Junkies extended out the door and down the mall corridor. Colby Thatcher stopped in his tracks, blue eyes wide behind round, wire-frame glasses. He’d never seen such a mass of humanity unless it was a new game release. He stared a full minute before he realized someone was waving at him. Three of his friends stood in the line. Two were grinning widely, smart phones clutched in their hands.

“Wait until you see!” Stan Fitz said, hopping excitedly in place.

Stan was nearly seven feet tall. His lean, gangling frame moved oddly, like he was a marionette guided by a puppet master…

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