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Sidetracked by Dellani Oakes Part 46

Sidetracked by Dellani Oakes Part 46

Dellani Oakes

sidetracked resized Cover image from Free Stock Photos: Railroad Track On A Fall Day by Curtis Dean Wilson

While the men are at the crime scene, Vanessa interviews Butch. It doesn’t take long to get the truth from him.

Deirdre drove Eoin home. They talked happily about everything but the case, choosing to take this short time to ignore the ugliness that had brought them back together. When they got to his trailer, she made all the right noises when she saw Eoin’s home. He was so proud of his little slice of paradise, to have her compliment thing things he loved most, pleased him. He invited her to stay to lunch, which she graciously accepted.

“I’m not as good a cook as you, but I do well enough.”

He made grilled cheese sandwiches with three types of cheese, sauteed onions, and a dab of pepper jelly on top. Along with this…

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Red River Radio Presents What’s Write for Me with Karen and Viv



red river radio logoI decided to do another marketing show. I decided to bring in two of my favorite author/ promoters to join us.

karen resting sarcastic bitch face

Karen Vaughan is the author of comic mysteries, predominantly her lively Laura and Gerry books, as well as Holmes in America and Dead Comic Standing. She also helps promotes other authors, not only with her Writer’s Roundtable show, but with Owl & Pussycat Promotions.


Viv Drewa, author of Midnight Owl, the Owl and the Sipan Lord, The Angler and the Owl, among others. She and Karen work together with Owl and Pussycat Promotions.