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27 things you need to know about Laura Hamilton Fitz but were afraid to ask!!!! Karen Vaughan


Cereal Authors


Let’s get to know Laura Fitz aka Cookie the corpse Magnet

  1. What is your story? MC in the Laura & Gerry Mystery series I am a bit of a corpse magnet in that every where I go there is a dead dude or lady and I jump into the fray to catch the killer with the Help of hubby and Det. Gibbons.
  2. Who are you?  I am Laura Hamilton Fitz
  3. Where do you live? Toronto Canada
  4. Are you the hero of your own story? Usually with some calamity thrown my way
  5. What is your problem in the story? I am usually the poor sucker to find any number of dead people from a dude rotting on my living room floor to finding a dead guy in our dumpster at our building. This is getting old really fast,
  6. Do you embrace conflict? No I try to avoid it where possible but…

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