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The Dawnstone Tale — Chapter 2 continues again!


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(Where were we? Almost through Chapter 2! Well, Keinigan had just been shaken down by a trio of city guards and lost all his money. Now, what is he going to do? Let’s see…)

The sky stooping over the young faerlin turned a marvelous shade of indigo rose, the sun loitering on the eastern horizon. Keinigan had walked all afternoon and was nearing the coastal foothills of northern Myretrae. The mountains of the Great Caulderon emerged on the edge of his view to the east beneath the glowing sky, splitting the view with sharp distinction. The winds were blowing from the sea. On them, he could smell more rain in the clouds rolling across the west. The roads were still muddy from the intermittent squalls that had plagued the coast for the last few days.

It would be a soggy night, he mused grimly. Although he was a full…

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Everybody Needs a Friend Like This!


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It’s been my experience that there are some people you meet in your life, who are meant to be a part of it. Knowing them enriches you, nurtures your spirit, and makes you realize that your life is better for having met them. I’ve been fortunate to have met more than one of these people, and I treasure each one.

Amanda M. ThrasherAmanda M. Thrasher

One such individual, is Author Amanda Thrasher. Whether it’s her energy, joy of living, bubbly laugh, or happy smile, she makes anyone around her, feel better. Her books do the same. Whether she’s dealing with bullies, pressures on teens, chatting with ghosts, or dancing around the mushroom patch, her books have a message and purpose.

Amanda Thrasher s Collage 1Among my favorites are Mischief in the Mushroom Patch, Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch and Spiderweb Scramble. Even though these stories are written for children, they are a joy…

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Book giveaways are the best! 

 Author Christy J. Breedlove 

We are offering up some author personalized/signed Paperbacks and some Awesome dream catchers for the winners of this 

Multiple Choice Contest. 

(knowledge of the book)  

All you have to do is… you must have read the book in some form whether it be ebook or paperback. Then answer some questions, that’s it! 

How fun right?



When seventeen-year-old Jory Pike cannot shake the hellish nightmares of her parent’s deaths, she turns to an old family heirloom, a dream catcher. Even though she’s half blood Chippewa, Jory thinks old Indian lore is so yesterday, but she’s willing to give it a try. However, the dream catcher has had its fill of nightmares from an ancient and violent past. After a sleepover party, and during one of Jory’s most horrific dream episodes, the dream catcher implodes, sucking Jory and her three friends into its own world of trapped nightmares. They’re in an alternate universe-locked inside of an insane web world. How can they find the center of the web, where all good things are allowed to pass?

black cats

For the Ebook

For the Paperback



Here is the link to visit to answer the question, see when the contest starts and ends, when we will pick winners.

Teen & Young Adult Paranormal & Urban Fantasy eBooks


Crystal L. Gauthier, Literary Agent

Proudly represents Author Christy J. Breedlove

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Sassy Sarcasm ~ Or Not?

Sassy Sarcasm ~ Or Not?

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SASSY-SARCASMIt’s my month to do Sassy Sarcasm, and I’ve got nothing. I don’t like admitting this, because it makes me sound weak. Frankly, I declare defeat, on my part. In July, I had sinus surgery. That feels great, I can breathe the best I have in decades. Unfortunately, right after, my asthma flared up, and my lungs decided that bronchitis was a great option. My doctor and I don’t agree, but what can you do? Pesky buggers.

Needless to say, I don’t feel much like being creative. In fact, I’m lucky I feel like writing this about why I haven’t written a sarcasm post. I did feel as if I should post something, even if it’s not sarcasm, so I’ve hunted through my work, and picked up some dialogue snippets to share. I realize that some of them may have been shared here before, but I tried to get newer…

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Red River Radio Presents Dellani’s Tea Time with Carolyn, Paul and Susan!

Red River Radio Presents Dellani’s Tea Time with Carolyn, Paul and Susan!

red river radio logo

Join Us TODAY from 4-6 PM Eastern when we chat with Carolyn Bowen, Paul Nosach and Susan Solomon!

It’s finally fall, though you can’t tell here in Florida. Temperatures are still in the upper 80’s and it’s rained for a week. However, to cheer us up, I’ve invited 3 fantastic guests in for a visit.


First up is returning guest, Paul Nosach, the author of Broken Trust, Brutal Hearts, Colours of Valhalla, Dead and Bound – and many more. Welcome back, Paul!

Carolyn Bowen

Next, is a new voice on Dellani’s Tea Time. I’ve had the honor of working with her for a couple years now, helping her promote her amazing books. Carolyn Bowen is the author of The Long Road Home, Cross-Ties, Primed for Revenge and Cross-Stepping Your Way to Success. Welcome, Carolyn!

Susan Solomon

Last, but not least, is another new voice. Susan Lynn Solomon is the author of Dead Again, The Magic of Murder, Bella Vita, Abigail’s Window, among many more. Welcome, Susan!

Be sure to tune in and listen live as we chat with these three amazing authors!


Waiting to Exhale: New Mystery Thriller


Carolyn M. Bowen

Quote of the Day: “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”  Norman Vincent Peale

What’s Up?

We are busy getting ready for the launch of Chance – A Novel. Don’t forget to join me on Twitter for Chance’s birthday party, November 5th at 9 a.m. EST.

We’ll be giving away some cool prizes for mystery lovers. From a signed copy of this latest thriller to t-shirts, and a Kindle edition of Chance – A Novel, many goodies are up for grabs. Follow the Twitter Chats for details about how to win your favorites in the giveaway@cmbowenauthor.

Download and read book 1 in the Sydney Jones Series, Primed For Revenge now for just 99 cents.  You’ll be ready for more action coming November 5th. …

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What’s Next?

What’s Next?

Dellani Oakes

alton and velda cover smaller

Alton and Velda is at an end. Now, the inevitable question of what to do next, rears once more. I’ve had my family draw titles from a cup, to no avail. The ones they chose, I don’t feel strongly about sharing. The ones I do feel strongly about, might offend—you see my quandary.

Even though I know it’s rather pointless, I am trying (once more, probably in vain) to get some input from my few, faithful readers.

Love Takes a Swim coverFirst choice: Love Takes a Swim ~ Kai Marcello works as a lifeguard at his parents’ health club. He also works part time as a paramedic. His mother hires a new water aerobics instructor, Paisley Saunders. Both have been burned by bad relationships, but find love together. Unfortunately, Paisley’s past comes back to haunt her, when she is stalked by the abusive boyfriend she thought she’d left behind.

shopping for love coverSecond Choice: Shopping for Love…

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Cereal Authors

Dellani Tirgearr Shirt cropped

It’s my birthday today, a milestone, as I turn 60. What a dreadful thing to admit! Usually, I don’t talk about my age. As my grandmother always used to say, “It’s no one’s business but my own.”

As those of you know, who follow my blog, I share snippets from my books, both published and unpublished, nearly daily here. Today, I want to share blurbs about my books, and I hope you’ll go have a look! It would be an amazing gift if some of you would buy a few.

So Much It Hurts by Dellani Oakes500So Much It Hurts by Dellani Oakes

Alone in the big city, Pia Donvan is feeling rather lost when she finally arrives at the majestic, old hotel in the downtown area. All that changes when she meets Flynn Chancellor. He and his roommate, Yancy Fredrick, take an interest in Pia, introducing her to their city. Pia seems to have found…

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