A Multidimensional Action Thriller ~ One – A thriller by Carolyn M. Bowen

A Multidimensional Action Thriller ~ One – A thriller by Carolyn M. Bowen

Sydney’s daredevil attitude for taking on legal cases most would run from catches her in a snare. Will she use common sense and leave the past behind or is it too late?

Walker the father of her son is dead. She decides a summer vacation with her son in Barbados was warranted. Enemies from her past were already scouting out the island for their next move.

Godwin appears in Sydney’s life after booking a charter for her son’s first deep-sea fishing trip. His strong, yet gentle spirit was contagious. She realized his pragmatic attitude would benefit her son and encouraged their fishing expeditions.

Time passes and reality sets back in upon returning to Atlanta. A near-fatal bomb blast ends her life as Sydney Jones. After a lengthy hospitalization Director Thomason takes over her recovery and escorts her to the family estate in Tuscany.

In time, Sydney will reunite with her son in Barbados where he’s been taken care of by Daniela since the memorial service orchestrated by Director Thomason to protect her new identity. Meanwhile, Godwin acting as guardian for the family identifies the employer behind Sydney’s “murder” and is now targeting her son.

This prompts him to travel to Beijing to end the imminent threat. He plans to get in – and out with a single assassination but hears whispers of a deadly virus running rampant through China. His suspicions were confirmed when a US Senator, a personal client, confided a deadly virus of pandemic proportions was rapidly spreading. Godwin confirmed the news to the Barbados ministry. There were no options for protecting David, except the truth which could be as catastrophic as the world news.

This spellbinding new novel by the imaginative Carolyn Bowen will hold you in suspense until you turn the final page. Scroll up and buy now to dive deep into the electrifying action of this novel.

A Multidimensional Action Thriller

ONE the 3rd novel in the Sydney Jones Series is a captivating well-written story that hooks you with its imaginative plot, bold characters, and scenic venues. The suspense surrounding Sydney brings out the best and worst in her for she doesn’t know when to quit taking on legal cases even when subject to bodily harm or worse.

Sydney’s life begins to come full circle as she and her son vacation in Barbados after learning of his ex-military father’s fatal accident. Enemies from her past visit the island and make plans to cash-in on a blackmail scheme or an assassin’s contract when discovering a secret unknown to her.

On returning home, an enemy was poised to satisfy his vengeance for the part she played in the family’s legal affairs. Would the vigilante justice end with her, or was her son, David, also at risk?

I want to read ONE again for the layers of intrigue that are interwoven to bring to light a different perspective of her family history, world events, and her love interest. A must-read for mystery-thriller readers and romantic suspense lovers.

5 Star Review by ~ Elle Allouette

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