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Slaughtered – A Jack Slaughter Thriller by KA Lugo

Slaughtered – A Jack Slaughter Thriller by KA Lugo


slaughtered cover

KA Lugo, well known as a romance author, under a different name, has struck out into the exciting world of thrillers, with her new release, Slaughtered. Ms Lugo pulls readers into the world of main character, Jack Slaughter. After the brutal murder of his daughter, and the disappearance of his wife, Jack’s life falls to pieces.

Then the bodies start to drop. These bodies are apparently being staged to taunt him. Readers are taken on a thrilling ride as Jack gets closer to discovering who the killer is, and the motivation behind the kills.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a really juicy murder mystery. It’s an excellent read, which will curly your toes and tingle your spine. I couldn’t put it down!

For an exciting excerpt from KA Lugo’s page, click here.