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“Road Mage” Robert C. Roman


I recently read “Road Mage” by Robert C. Roman. It’s a short story that really packs a punch. The review is below, also short, because I don’t like to give spoilers. I do hope you’ll look for and enjoy “Road Mage” as much as I did.

Road Mage – Robert C. Roman

Jason Keller is an earth mage. He’s also a police officer. When he’s challenged by Paul Dunn, himself a mage, he gathers together as much strength as he can to take out his foe before innocents can be hurt.

Road Mage by Robert C. Roman is a classic fight of good versus evil. Though short, Roman uses his words to paint a powerful picture of the struggle between his characters. The climax of Road Mage will leave the reader breathless.

I highly recommend this story for any reader.

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Taking a Ride with Robert C. Roman


Robert C. Roman writes sci-fi. No, he writes steam punk. No, it’s romance, wait! Horror? No, I’m sure it’s adventure, suspense and fantasy. Actually, he writes all of the above. Robert C. Roman is a multi-talented author who enjoys a wide variety of genres. He’s equally gifted in each.

I was lucky enough to have Robert on my show in July of this year. (Link below) We had a wonderful time talking about his work. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to read and review his story, Fae Eye for the Golem Guy and I’ve started reading What Not to Fear. (To be reviewed later)

When did you start writing?

Oddly enough, I started writing before I could write. I made a book out of string and paper, the text was nothing but squiggles, but I knew what the story was. By grade school I was doing fanfic, in college I was writing backgrounds for characters in RPGs (extensive, novella length backgrounds even), and about five years ago I started writing for publication.

What inspired your first novel?

My first full length novel (still unpublished) was a combination of a dream about successions, a conversation about how any story can be shifted from sci fi to fantasy or back, and the old Conan comic books. From all of that came the story of Tenly, the heroine of XLI. Don’t read too much into those sources, though – at one point I put Lady Gaga and LaRoux songs in and got a SteamPunk adventure / horror story out.

What genre do you write?

Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Action, Adventure, Romance, Suspense. In that order, usually all at the same time, much to the despair of anyone trying to market my books.

Do you work on more than one project at a time?

I usually only write one project at a time, but I’m usually juggling three or four in the pre-writing or editing stages.

How do you keep yourself focused?

Focused? What is this ‘focused’ you speak of? (he says, as he is eating breakfast, doing the laundry, doing dishes, listening to Dev club mixes, cooking a turkey, answering questions and plotting for NaNo and beyond.)

What is your writing process?

Hmm. I find a Hook, fiddle with characters and setting and conflict, sort out the climax of the story, plot back from there to the beginning, then start writing. As I write, I firm up the details of the characters, and sometimes the conflict. It seems chaotic, but I’ve only had to do a complete rewrite once, and that was when I was getting a lot of ‘it will never work’ from folks who knew the Hook. It’s… weird. Once I embraced that weirdness, I not only had a complete story that flowed from beginning to end, but had a much better idea of the sequels. Also, it wound up with lines like ‘My boyfriend is a werestripper’.

How do you find your voice?

I usually don’t think about it, unless I’m writing multiple protagonists, in which case I have to be sure each one has a unique enough voice to be readily recognizable. Then I just tweak my normal writing style.  Usually it works.  Sometimes (dammit, Lane!) it’s a bit tougher.

Do you know the ending before you begin writing?

Yes.  Oh, god, yes.  How can you know when to stop if you don’t know where you’re going?

What is your latest release?

My latest release is What Not to Fear.  It’s available from Decadent Publishing and on Amazon.  It’s the story of an hard bitten cop who just happens to be an avenging angel and the CSI who falls for her.

Where can your books be purchased?

all of my books are available through Decadent Publishing.  You can find them at the publisher’s site, at Amazon, or, well, just about anywhere you might find ebooks.

What other books have you written?

My other books include the Iron Angel series (“The Strange Fate of Capricious Jones – OR – Genesis of an Iron Angel” and “A Christmas Evening Vigil – OR – Crystal Without a Chime”), the Artifice Series (“Fae Eye for the Golem Guy” and “What Not to Fear”) and the stand alone short “Road Mage”.

 Fae Eye for the Golem Guy – Robert C. Roman

Micah Slate may look like your average guy, at least your average sculpted, jacked and chiseled guy. Taller than most, more muscular than many, he’s still… average – at least in his eyes. Micah is head of security for an art museum. His mission was embedded at his creation — “Protect the Art” Oh, yeah. Micah is a golem – a creature crafted from stone and imbued with life.

Teresa Gelt is an art owner with a nasty tempter and worse manners. She has the hots for Micah, who wishes she’d shrivel up and die. Getting into his pants is part of her agenda.

Ophelia is a tattoo artist and an art restoration expert. Covered with intricate inked designs, silver studs and little else, she’s caught Micah’s discerning eye. Her dyed hair and Sears & Roebuck clothing hide a dark secret.

Ricardo and Xavier are gay pixies – lovers. They are also friends of Micah’s and live at the museum. When they discover Micah’s desire for Ophelia, they give him a Fae Eye makeover changing him from ordinary to extraordinary.

And thereby lies the tale. “Fae Eye on the Golem Guy is a funny, quirky adventure full of action, romance and dark magic. Robert C. Roman weaves a charming comedic yarn in a world almost, yet not quite entirely, unlike our own. I highly recommend it for any reader.