Coming March 25 the stunning conclusion to the stark trilogy–STARK RESOLUTION BY CD BRADLEY


stark resolution cd bradleyActions have consequences. In the blink of an eye, everything you have held dear, everything you have taken for granted… can vanish. 
Lub dub … Lub dub… when you are taking out a target at 800 meters every part of your body slows. Complete control is mandatory. Muscle memory takes over. Action and reaction are instinctual. But what if something is off? The little voice in your head screaming STOP! 
The moment Owen Stark’s finger squeezed the trigger all hell broke loose. The deadly round traveled at 2,550 feet per second straight into his target. As she fell, her identity became as evident as the growing crimson stain on her chest. The world fell silent. Despite the chaos around him, Stark could hear nothing but the pounding of his heart and the screaming inside his head. For the love of God woman, please GET UP! He begged over and over, but the blue heap of fabric that shrouded Kira Riley did not move. 
All his training, everything he had spent the last decade preparing for came down to this moment. Faced with desperate circumstances, Owen Stark must make the impossible choice between the safety of his team and the chance to save the love of his life. When the last tear has fallen, and those lost are laid to rest, will he be able to open his heart and live again, or will the nightmares drag him to an unthinkable resolution? 
Sometimes, when the sacrifice is too great to bear, Love finds a way to bring you home.


“Kira … not a day goes by that I don_t think about that night at TheGarden of the Gods and what might have been.”His mind drifted to the small box still in his pocket. He had carried it every day, on every mission since he bought it for her. If he did not make it home, he wanted her to at least know she was everything to him. Now he shuddered as he realized he may never get the chance. Stark moved closer so that his lips brushed her ear and whispered, “You are the perfect golden light that cracks the sky each morning. My first thoughts are of you. I carry you with me in everything and every decision throughout the day. At night when I close my eyes, you are there. I will not fail you. Fight with me. Stay with me.”



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What’s Next from Dellani?


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sea of destiny coverSea of Destiny is over. I hope you enjoyed my story and will check out my published books. I enjoy sharing my unpublished work with you. Now comes the hard part, what to share next. Believe me, I have plenty! Not to brag, but I’ve got 98 finished novels and 56 unfinished, so I’ve got lots to choose from.

I like to ask my readers what interests them, but this has never gone particularly well. Folks just won’t tell me what they want, so it’s up to me to decide. I could share one of my other sci-fi stories or another romantic suspense. I truly can’t choose. I guess you’ll have to wait until next month to see. On the off chance that you’d like to give your opinion, here are a few titles and blurbs for you to choose from.

among-the-shine-clan-coverAmong the Shine Clan – Sci-Fi set in a…

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The Music Behind the Story – Lone Wolf


Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

music-behind-the-storyThere are times when I mention songs, quote a snippet, or have the characters dancing to their favorite tunes. Music seems important in romance novels, because it sets the mood and brings the characters closer.

I hit a little bit of a brick wall when I thought of including songs in my sci-fi series. They characters listen to music, but they aren’t very likely to burst into song with something we know as familiar. Why? Because the series begins in the year 3032. This doesn’t mean that music can’t inspire me as I write. In fact, I found great inspiration for Lone Wolf in the music of Jeff Beck from the Blow by Blow album. I was first introduced to this album when I was in high school. It remains a favorite.

As I wrote the first scene, I listened to Diamond DustShe’s a Woman and Cause We’ve Ended as…

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Character Quotes from Room 203 – Sequel to Room 103 – by Dellani


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room 103 front coverI hung up my phone to see the eyes of everyone in the office on me. “What? I can’t have a conversation with my fiancé without all this attention?”

“I never heard you talk like that—ever,” Arnie said. “You sounded like a such…a girl!”

I threw a paperclip at him. He yelped when it caught him on the forehead. “Ow! Illegal use of paperclips, Houston!”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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How To Market Your YA Book Part 2


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pinterest_62eb032147 Image via Pixabay

A few years ago I wrote about marketing a YA novel and since then several things have changed for one, there are more marketing avenues as well as more pitfalls.  When I wrote that post in 2013, mobile phone usage was on the rise worldwide and tablets were new.  Fast forward 4 years and mobile phones are a necessity while tablets are now being used by cats and infants.  I kid you not.

In this post I answer the questions where are the young people and what do they want?  Also, I address some important trends that are revolutionizing the publishing industry.  So let’s get started…

More Media, More Problems

In the past few years Facebook has reigned as the king of social media with over 1.79 billion users but it does have competition particularly, when it comes to reaching young people.   Sites like Instagram, Snapchat…

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A Review of The Dawnstone Tale by Ruth Davis Hays


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The Dawnstone Tale by Ruth Davis Hayes $1.99 eBook

This review was originally written in 2011, but it’s worth sharing again to tell everyone about this engaging fantasy by Ruth Davis Hays

The Dawnstone Tale – Translations from Jorthus: Book One is the first in in Ruth Davis Hays’ fantasy series. In a world where life is enhanced by magic, the magda rule select territories.

Lylith Antinon is the daughter of a magda, or magic user. A magda herself, she lives alone until a strong compulsion to venture into the unknown brings her out of her comfortable, though lonely, tower. Her innocence of the outside world makes her easy prey for one unscrupulous enough to take advantage.

Traveling alone isn’t safe, but on the road she meets the dark and mysterious fae lord, Dharromar. He swears to protect her, but does he have more insidious things in mind for the naïve human? His strange countenance and dark…

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Character Quotes from He Needed Killin’ by Dellani


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he-needed-killin-coverPhoto by ZD Parish

Inspiration comes from weird places sometimes. I play a free online game called Forge of Empires. The game allows your neighbors to attack and rob you once a day. It’s quite annoying when you’re constantly the one supplying someone else, simply because he’s stronger. I had one guy who hit me every day. I finally decided I would use him as the murder victim in a story. Thus He Needed Killin’ was born. For fun, I put a game friend, Toria, in as a private investigator.

“He’s not wrong,” Toria said. “I’ve met Lowell. I was investigating the death of one of his clients, which was somewhat suspicious. After he refused to tell me anything about her, he hit on me. Invited me to a foot fetish party he was having at his house. It’s up in Hollywood Hills somewhere. He said there was a…

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