The Write Dream by J.D. Holiday

The Write Dream by J.D. Holiday

Cereal Authors

Permit your dreams to see the daylight. ~ by Bernard Kelvin Clive


           So you don’t think you can write but you have thoughts that could be a story. You can imagine how a scene or two would work. Come on, we all have those times when a story could start with a thought. An imagining. A daydream or even a nightmare. So what’s holding you back?

              Is it your horrible spelling, grammar and maybe it’s you lack of understanding of writing techiques.

              I believe the best tool at your disposal is reading. Read what interest you. Read what you enjoy and especially read the genres you think you would like to write in.

              While reading other author’s books or ones written by your favorite authors, pay attention to how the book is written. From good books you can see what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

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Cereal Authors

KARENS BOOK QUOTES “How long ago?” Brian asked. 

 “Oh about half an hour ago and then they went out. They said they’re staying here and that they were in line behind you earlier when you checked in.  They said you would know who it was from, so I didn’t ask their names.”

“Thank you, Miss”  Brian replied.  “We’d like to make a reservation for later in the restaurant. Is that possible for about 6:30 were meeting friends.”

“I will do that for you.  Hey has anybody ever told you, you look like that guy from Baywatch? Not David Hasselhoff, the other one, you know the one, the guy with the piercing blue eyes and the intense stare? He was cute and so are you.”

“Yeah, I get that all the time, I only wish I had the body he did.”

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The Music Behind the Story from Web of Lies by Dellani


Love Under the Sun

music-behind-the-storyOnce in awhile I have a song so loudly in my head, nothing will jar it loose. If this happens when I’m writing, it will greatly influence the story. This happened, quite by accident, when I started writing my romantic suspense novel, Web of Lies. My son had recently introduced me to the song Primaveraby Ludovico Einaudi. It was the first song I’d heard by this musician, and I was really taken with it. Somehow, it wove itself throughout the story, and I found that I had difficulty writing unless I listened to it, almost non-stop. I can still feel the dynamics of the song in the story.

The song is very passionate and I can really sense it in the first love scene. It starts simply enough, Zoe Hamilton and Rhett Archer chatting over dinner at her home. Soon, though, it becomes something much more.

“What happened…

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Red River Radio Presents Dellani’s Tea Time with Aleigha, Andy and William


Dellani Oakes

TODAY from 4-6 pm Eastern, on Dellani’s Tea Time, Dellani and Christina will chat with three fascinating authors. 

william beckThey will welcome back a favorite guest, political thriller author, William Beck – Crosscurrents, Solemn Vow, Red 7 among others.

AleighaSironAlso along for the ride, Aleigha Siron, author of the historical romance, Finding My Highlander

Andy PeloquinLast, but by no means least, dark fantasy author, Andy Peloquin – Blade of the Destroyer, Child of the Night Guild, Gateway to the Past and others.

Listen Live or Catch the Recording at Your Convenience!

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Character Quotes from Checkmate by Dellani


Cereal Authors

checkmateMilla giggled, tossing her head. “Probably not. If you get too fresh, I’ll karate your ass.”

Dane looked almost hungrily at her, amused smile playing at his full lips. His body seemed enormous next to hers. The absurdity of her remark struck him as funny and he laughed loudly. His laugh was contagious. Even Frode chuckled in the corner.

“By damn, I could break you like a twig. But you’d do it, wouldn’t you? You’d seriously whoop my ass if I tried anything. What do you study?”

“Capoeira,” she admitted with a grin.

“No karate?”

“No, but how would it sound if I said I’d Capoeira your ass? You’d think I meant something kinky.”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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Why Authors Must Learn Social Media: The New Reality


Cereal Authors

Why Authors Must Learn Social Media

Lately it is becoming more and more common place for agents and publishers to assess an author’s platform.  That means they are looking for authors who can reach the readers they are targeting.  In fact at the Digital Book World Conference & Expo in 2017, representatives from Hachette and Perseus admitted they are checking out author platforms and social media engagement then reporting those findings at their acquisitions meetings.  This shouldn’t be a surprise, literary agents have admitted to doing this for years.  Like it or not, publishers are using social media as a measuring stick so wouldn’t be nice if we could impress or at least pass the inspection?

While doing research for my upcoming book Social Media Hacks for Authors, I came across several resources that can help authors who struggle with social media.   Many of these resources are available for free directly from the social media…

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The Music Behind the Story from So Much It Hurts by Dellani


Love in the City

music behind the storySome authors put together playlists for each book, carefully adding songs that set the right mood for the story and they listen to nothing else while they write it. I was never that particular, until I started writing my 2016 NaNoWriMo novel. Unlike most of my books, I had a vague idea of characters and plot before I started. I had the names of the three main characters: Flynn Chancellor, Pia Donovan and Yancy Frederick. I knew they would be living in an old, run down building awaiting repairs. I knew that Flynn would be an artist, Pia a musician and Yancy a business major—all three in college working on advanced degrees. That’s far more than I usually approach a novel with.

Another difference, I had a few songs I had to start each writing session with. The rest that followed didn’t matter that much, but I had to have

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