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Donations to Clarity – Noah Baird


donations to clarity coverTed Carp is a mental patient in an asylum. His therapist, Domino Chipolte, says he’s paranoid, schizophrenic and delusional. Maybe he is. Or maybe he really does smoke cigarettes with Bigfoot.

“Donation to Clarity” is delightfully humorous book that never intentionally takes itself seriously. Noah Baird’s style puts me in mind of great satirists like Richard Brautigan, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and Douglas Adams. His sarcastic approach is entertaining and refreshing.

The characters in “Donations to Clarity” are amazingly creative. There actions drive the story forward as they bumble through their lives. Most of what they accomplish seems to be more than half accident, the rest—a complete accident.

Sheriff Flan Paan is an Indian (Not Native American) Elvis impersonator who claims to be The King reincarnated.

Deputy Winston O’Boogie is a Julian Lennon impersonator and the two have a friendly rivalry during karaoke nights.

Patch, Earl and Harry run Southern Tier Bigfoot Tours. They dress up in a Chewbacca costume and con tourists little knowing that Bigfoot lurks in the woods.

Roy & Jeff belong to SRO – Sasquatch Research Organization.

Ted Carp and his lunatic buddies – Lyle, Montgomery & Don lend an unexpected hand.

Echo Clyne is a reporter who’s trying to be a serious journalist.

And finally, The Men In Black. Surely they need no explanation or introduction?

Thrown into circumstances which are puzzling at best, these characters suddenly cross paths with one another—with often disastrous, though humorous, results.

I highly recommend “Donations to Clarity” for any reader who needs a good laugh.

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