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The Boy I Love- (Falling for You Book 2) by Danielle Lee Zwissler

The Boy I Love- (Falling for You Book 2) by Danielle Lee Zwissler

danielle zwissler boy i love

Just as Keri finally decides to take the “big step”, her mom calls for her, and everything is put off, and then she has to fly back to Ohio until Christmas break! If only they could get a few minutes alone!

Payton is busy with work, and Keri gets a job, and can’t come home as much as she wants… What will happen when the fairytale is over?

Falling for him was easy, keeping him was a whole other problem.

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Give the Gift of Books with A Baby This Christmas by Danielle Lee Zwissler

Give the Gift of Books with A Baby This Christmas by Danielle Lee Zwissler


A Baby this Christmas: Operation Baby: Jenna Wheeler has a plan…a baby before she misses her chance. She also has a problem…she hasn’t met a guy that is marriage and family material, so artificial insemination is the only logical step. Until she makes a big splash with William Cartwright, CEO of Worldwide Electronics; at first he takes offence at her quirky, yet strong-willed demeanor, but soon finds himself intrigued, and then obsessed with this beautiful but peculiar waitress. Can he stop her from going through with her plan, and make her Mrs. Cartwright? Will Jenna really do this on her own, or can she trust this millionaire prick to grow up, and make the kind of commitment that she’s been yearning for? Throw in some mistletoe, and some Christmas hijinks, and anything can happen in this ‘laugh out loud’ love triangle of two in ‘A Baby this Christmas’.

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a baby this christmas


Books—Give the Adventure with The Christmas Catch by Danielle Lee Zwissler

Books—Give the Adventure with The Christmas Catch by Danielle Lee Zwissler

Give the Adventure Christmas Catch Danielle Zwissler

Cara Thompson lost the Light up the Night Community Christmas Challenge for the fourth year in a row to her neighbor, Mrs. Alberta Kline. But not this year! She vowed to win this challenge by a landslide. Well that was before knowing about Mrs. Kline’s son, Blake.

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Cooking for the Cowboy (Cowboys & Cowgirls Series Book 7) by Danielle Lee Zwissler


cooking for the cowboy danielle zwissler

Joscelyn Carter was a Marketing Executive, and very good at her job, but that didn’t seem to matter to her boss–or her cat, Horatio. Luckily for her, Cowboy Paul Jameson was hiring. Before long, they find out that she hired on for more than they bargained for. Cooking for the Cowboy never tasted this good!


Cooking for the Cowboy promo Danielle Zwissler

Can Chloe and Blake Find Love? Lassoed by the Cowboy (Cowboys & Cowgirls Series Book 6) by Danielle Lee Zwissler


Lassoed by the cowboy danielle Zwissler

Chloe Kettering was a Champion Barrel Racer, and just suffered a breakup. Blake was a Ranch owner whose heart needed mended. Would they find a way to keep each other from getting away?

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Danielle Zwissler


The Long Ride Home (Cowboys & Cowgirls Series Book 5)


Long Ride Home Danielle Zwissler

Holton Dade was eight years old when Elena Rose was born, and he has watched out for her ever since. The girl with the wild, curly red hair has been on his mind on and off for years, but he has a few hang-ups–age being one of them, and death being the other. With the help of friends, Holton and Elena survive through many breakups and insecurities, but in the end there is only one place to go—home, and it is one hell of a long ride to get there.

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New Authors, Same Great Service!


Over the last year, I’ve had the good fortune to help promote some excellent authors. I have recently taken on a different group. In fact, this is my first week with them. I’m excited to introduce you to these talented authors and their work, presented in no particular order.

Crystal Gauthier

First up is Crystal Miles Gauthier. She is the author of such books as Troianne, Her Soul to Save and Great Lakes Original Recipes (pictured below). Crystal also owns and operates Southern Owl Publications. Welcome aboard, Crystal!

Crystal Great Lakes cover


TW Knight

Next is TW Knight. TW is the author of The Dark Knights of Heaven Series – His Soul to Keep, His Soul to Hold, and His Soul to Save (pictured below). Welcome, TW! I look forward to working with you.

His Soul to Save TW Knight


Carolyn Bowen

My third author is Carolyn Bowen. She is the author of The Long Road Home, Cross Stepping to Success and Cross Ties (pictured below). Welcome, Carolyn! I’m happy to be getting to know you better.

Cross Ties Carolyn Bowen.jpg


Danielle Zwissler

The fun continues with Danielle Lee Zwissler. She is the author of Cowboy’s Bride, Mommy for Christmas, The Boy Next Door (pictured below), among many more. Welcome, Danielle. So pleased to get to know you.

Danielle Zwissler Boy Next Door


Amanda Mackey

But I’m not finished yet! Next on my list is Amanda Mackey, author of True Identity, Losing You, Saving Me (pictured below), and many more. Welcome aboard, Amanda!

Amanda Mackey Saving Me promo 2


Nelda Gaydou author

Last, but not least, of the new faces, is Nelda B. Gaydou. She is the author of King of the Hill, From Sea to Sea and To the Ends of the Earth: High Plains of Patagonia. Welcome, Nelda! So happy to be working with you.

Nedla Gaydou To the Ends of the Earth cover


Eliot Parker photo

I continue to promote Eliot Parker, author of Breakdown at Clear River, Code for Murder, Making Arrangements and Fragile Brilliance (pictured below). I’m so happy to be working with you, Eliot.

Fragile Brilliance by Eliot Parker

These, and other fine authors, are represented by Owl and Pussycat Promotions, owned by Viv Drewa and Karen Vaughan, with a little help from Dellani Oakes.


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