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Eldohr Adventures – Search for the Lost Kingdom by T.L. Wood


eldohr adventures by tl woodEldohr Adventures – Search for the Lost Kingdom by T.L. Wood is a wonderfully crafted, stirring adventure for young readers.

Eldohr is a land of myth and magic where kings and queens reign and dragons soar, terrorizing the countryside. Because of these dragons, Princess Zara of Castlegrove and Prince Elrick of Greengate, lose their parents.

Price Elrick and Princes Zara lose their parents on the same day. After the death of his parents, Prince Elrick is raised to be bitter, selfish and greedy. Zara who is a loving and caring person, has a secret, one which makes her invaluable to the dragon. Because of this secret, Alibastizor kidnaps Zara and keeps her locked up so that she may add to his treasure.

The magic of the dreaded dragon, Alibastizor, is formidable. He captures Princess Zara and it is up to the selfish Prince Elrick to save her. With the help of magical creatures, and his own sharp wits, Prince Elrick must find Princess Zara and save her from Alibastazor’s clutches.

Originating as a bedtime story she told to her children, the Eldohr Adventures have become a series of wonderfully crafted tales that parents and grandparents can share with children. Independent readers will enjoy reading the beautifully illustrated book on their own.

Search for the Lost Kingdom is a thrilling read for children and adults. The pictures Wood paints with her words are vibrant and colorful. The story brings the reader into the world of Eldohr where anything is possible.

I greatly enjoyed Eldohr Adventures – Search for the Lost Kingdom and look forward to the next book in the series, Quest for Windsoar.

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