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This Year Give the Gifts of Books ~ Indian Summer by Dellani Oakes

This Year Give the Gifts of Books ~ Indian Summer by Dellani Oakes

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In the spring of 1739, Gabriella Deza stands poised on the verge of womanhood. A product of her guarded upbringing, she is naive in the ways of love until dashing Manuel Enriques declares his love for her. Quite by accident, Gabriella uncovers a plot hatched by British spy whose job is to capture the town and fort, Castillo de San Marcos. Armed with her information, Manuel embarks on a dangerous mission to entrap the spy and save the town from being overthrown by the British. Unfortunately, Gabriella herself is caught in the trap and kidnapped. Can Manuel find and save her before it is too late?

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Curl Up with a Good Book ~ Indian Summer by Dellani Oakes

Curl Up with a Good Book ~ Indian Summer by Dellani Oakes

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It’s the spring of 1739 in sultry St. Augustine, Florida and something’s amiss. It seems a British spy has wormed his way into their lives and he’s bent upon leading the British Army in an attack against the fort and town. It’s up to Gabriella Deza and her fiancé, Manuel Enriques, to stop the spy from being successful.

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Character Quote from Indian Summer by Dellani Oakes

As I turned to see who it was had saved Marcos’ life, I looked into the dark, smoldering eyes of Manuel!

“You?” I gasped. “Thanks is not enough! Oh, bless you!”

I fell on his chest weeping with joy. He hadn’t the strength to speak but touched my shoulder before he lost consciousness. Marcos groaned, then he too passed into oblivion.

“We need stretchers from the hospital.” James said to the men standing by. “We’ll take them there.”

The crowd broke up around us, tending to the injured ship. Men were already climbing the sides to see what state the passengers and crew were in. James smiled gently as he looked at Marcos.

“A brave little boy he is, though foolhardy to come out in this weather. He’ll be a strong and brave man.”

“Yes, he will be. He’s already a little man. I think today he proved it. He came to help his mamá who is on the ship.” I settled back on my heels, sighing deeply. Only then did I think about the ship. “Papa!” I started toward the ship.

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Shameless Self-Promotion!


Usually, I reserve this spot for my fellow authors, but I thought I might as well plug my own work today. I’ve included an interview I conducted on myself using the questions I usually give my guest authors.

When did you start writing?

I was telling stories even as a child. I didn’t start to write them down until I got into elementary school. One of my first formal works was a myth “How We Got Hair”. I remember absolutely nothing about it but the title. When in high school, I wrote lots of short stories and humorous essays. In college, I branched out into plays. I didn’t attempt my first novel until I was teaching high school many years later. It’s not finished yet, but it has potential! My first finished and published novel is “Indian Summer”, an historical adventure/ romance set in St. Augustine, Florida in 1739.


What gave you the idea for your first book?

My very first, as yet to be finished, novel, “How Many Miles to Avalon” was inspired by a board game I developed for my gifted students. The idea for “Indian Summer” came to me when I was a chaperone on a field trip with my eldest son. I wandered around St. Augustine thinking how many amazing stories the oldest city on the East Coast had to tell.

What genre do you write?

I write mostly romance. I also have a sci-fi series that could be called futuristic romance. I also write a crime/ romance blend that gets your pulse racing for more reasons than one!

What do you do to keep yourself focused?

Me focused? Not gonna happen. I try, but life is full of distractions. I think I have a slight ADD problem which makes it even harder to concentrate. I keep music playing all the time and that helps me ignore many distractions.

Do you stay with one project or do you work on multiple projects?

I’m a multiple project girl. I get stuck on one story or the muse takes a powder, and I move on to something else. I rarely suffer from writer’s block as a result.

What is your writing process?

When I get an idea, I sit down as soon as possible and start at the beginning. I try to find a strong starting sentence and work from there. I don’t really outline, though I do jot down notes—like names, ages, hair color, eye color, etc. If I don’t, I have the hero gazing into the heroine’s beautiful blue eyes on page 10 and into her bottomless blue ones on page 66.

I write chronologically. I’ve tried writing scenes and stringing them together, but that doesn’t work well for me. I did write one story in reverse once. I wrote one section which became the end, wrote a middle and moved on to a beginning. That’s extremely rare for me.

How do you find your voice?

The voice finds me. I have stories in third person as well as first. I never know how it’s going to be until I sit down to write.

Do you know your ending before you begin?

I very rarely know the ending when I begin. I like the exploration process. I might have a goal in mind, but it doesn’t get there often. I enjoy the ride.

What is your latest release?

My latest release is “Lone Wolf”, the first in my sci-fi series.

What other books do you have published?

I currently have two novels in print. The first is “Indian Summer”, the second is “Lone Wolf”.

Where are your books available?

Both books are available through Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.