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Marked by Fate by Freya Lecrow (Path to Destiny Book 1) by Freya Lecrow


Freya LeCrow Marked by Fate

Warning: For mature, adult audiences. 18+. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF. Majesta never thought she would find the man of her dreams, let alone two of them. The thought of love at first sight seemed ludicrous to her. Then she fell into the arms of a man who swept her off her feet. The trouble with both men, they are not human. A simple book keeper finds herself in the middle of a book herself.

Five hundred years Maganusson has waited for his soul to return only to witness the human woman being swept away by another man. One that he knows too well. It isn’t going to be easy to get her back and keep her safe. He can’t lose her again, but he can’t think of her becoming like him.

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Savage Heart by Dellani Oakes


savage heart cover

It’s the summer of 1740 and rumors of war haunt the small community of St. Augustine, Florida. Already, Oglethorpe’s troops are on the move. Scouting parties of Creek Indians have moved south, skirting the town, attacking outlying farms. Meli Chasseur’s home came under attack and she is the only one to escape. Injured and afraid, she stumbles into Sailfish’s camp. Could this be his next chance at true love? This long awaited sequel is finally here!

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Sailfish woke at noon the next day, to find Meli lying next to him. Her green eyes held humor as she gazed at him. He sat up slowly, wondering what she found so humorous.

“You snore,” she giggled. “And talk in your sleep. Who is Gabriella? Is she the one you love?”

“What does it matter? She’s married to another man.”

“Ah. Was she your woman first?” Her green eyes sparkled merrily.


“So, did you try to steal her away from the other man?”


“Tell me what happened and I’ll quit asking you,” she teased.

“And what fun would that be for you?”

Sailfish said no more, setting about breaking their primitive camp. He kicked dirt over the coals of their fire, pouring water from the river onto the dirt.

“I’m better today, thank you,” she said by way of making conversation.

Sailfish ignored her, going about his business with a singularity of focus unmatched by many.

“Why, that’s very good to hear, Meli.” She lowered her voice, pretending to be him. “Do you think you can walk all right on your own?” She kept her voice low, standing in a manly fashion with her hands on her hips. She captured his cadence and movements well, including the casual toss of his head.

“Why yes,” she turned her body, taking a more feminine stance. She batted her eyelashes. “I believe I can walk just fine today.”

Despite himself, Sailfish laughed at her, unconsciously tossing his head. “I hear insane people are very popular in towns. Perhaps they will pay to see you talk to yourself.”

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Like Action? You’ll Love First Bayonet!


 Ben Williams isn’t a young man anymore. In his late forties, he’s not old either. He prefers a little excitement in his life, but has resigned himself to the fact he’ll eventually ride a desk at the CIA headquarters in Langley. He proves he’s still got the right stuff when a message comes from an old friend in Egypt.

Ferran Anwar’s cousin, Zaina, has been thrown into an Egyptian prison as a political dissident. A college professor, she has started a grassroots movement against the government. The Istiqbal-Tora prison, where she is being held, isn’t known for its delicate treatment of political prisoners. Ferran rightly fears for her life. He begs Williams to rescue her and get both Zaina and Ferran out of Egypt.

Williams accepts the challenge – with the tacit permission of his boss. Allowing Ben Williams to ‘go on vacation’, Ezekial Thrasher condones the mission – without official sanction.

First Bayonet is a hard hitting, fast paced, action novella of the first order. It gives a realistic, but not too graphic, look inside an Egyptian prison, showing it to be far different from our own. I really enjoyed First Bayonet. The fight scenes are exciting and the action vividly described. The reader feels the plight of the characters, cheering their progress, wanting them to succeed. (I even found myself booing the bad guys a couple times.)

I highly recommend First Bayonet to anyone who loves a good military action/ suspense story. It’s a great thrill ride from start to finish.

Currently being retooled, First Bayonet will be available in September 2012

Five Golden Acorns.

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