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Outpassage Will Knock Your Socks Off!


outpassageOutpassage – Janet Morris and Chris Morris

Dennis (Det) Cox is a soldier. He believes in his own abilities. To say that he believes in truth, justice and the American way might be pushing it a little. But he’s a man of honor and fights with all he has to protect his own.

Paige Barnett is a corporate of the highest order. Her boss, Raymond Godfrey (God), is the head of IST, the most powerful corporation on Earth & beyond. Paige knows how to play the system, but finds herself in hot water when she raises too many questions about incidents on a distant planet, known only as X-31A.

Paige’s life changes dramatically when she meets Det Cox on a blind date arranged by a dating service. Both are drugged and shanghaied, transported to another distant, mysterious planet, X-66B. There, Paige meets Freedom Ayoub and a wide variety of other people who preach about redemption, resurrection and the holy way. Things go from bad to worse when Det’s soldiers are told to put down a revolution on X-66B, using any means possible.

Outpassage, a new offering by Janet Morris and Chris Morris, takes the reader back to the roots of off-world sci-fi adventure. It’s full of intrigue, action, political power plays, as well as redemption, resurrection and the holy way. A thrill ride from start to finish, this book moves forward with the force of a freight train, leaving the reader begging for more. I hope that the Janet & Chris plan more books, making this into a series. They have laid the groundwork for more amazing books with Det and Paige at the helm.

The dialogue in Outpassage is snappy and keeps the story moving. It is also used as a very effective characterization tool. Each character has his or her own voice. Det Cox is hard bitten, all business and slightly paranoid. His words are peppered with sarcasm and cynicism. He’s a soldier, pure and simple. He takes nothing at face value and believes only what he can definitively prove.

Paige Barnett is a cultured, well educated, rich woman. Her pampered existence comes to an end, but she doesn’t falter or give up in the face of adversity. If anything, it makes her more determined to find her way home and bring justice to the deserving. She can be diplomatic, but she knows when not to be. She might freak out a little when the bullets fly, but she doesn’t let it get her down for long. She always bounces back, more determined than before.

Freedom Ayoub is an enigma. He takes Paige under his wing, helping, guiding and protecting. His gentle determination encompasses the other three main characters. His is a fascinating character study and I hope that he will be explored more in other books.

Allie Frickey, Det Cox’s Corporal, is pure soldier. She’s as good at what she does as Cox is. She does her best to protect him and their charges, Paige & Freedom. She is bold and tenacious, much as Paige is.

I greatly enjoyed Outpassage and highly recommend it to those who like a great sci-fi tale that doesn’t include Vulcans or androids or phasers – oh my!

Five Golden Acorns © Dellani Oakes 2014

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Wake of the Riddler by Janet Morris


wake of the riddler graphicI recently found out that not only are my beloved Thieves World books around, but many of the stories have been re-released in expanded format. My favorite character, Tempus Thales, and his infamous Sacred Band, have new stories to tell. Not only that, one of my favorite tales from Sanctuary, The Wake of the Riddler, is also out on Audible! You can listen to a free sample on Amazon:

The Wake of the Riddler at Amazon

 Review – Wake of the Riddler by Janet Morris

Narrated by Alex Hyde-White

I’m delighted to hear this short story after all these years. The Thieves World books are some of the best fantasy every written. Tempus & the Stepsons are incredible characters. I first encountered Thieves World and the city of Sanctuary shortly after I was married. My husband was a fan and owned all the books. I read them avidly and waited for each new edition. We had the entire collection and were so upset when the series ended. I re-read the books quite often and have many of them sitting on the shelves in my bedroom. Some are in boxes, but will be brought out soon to be enjoyed again from the very beginning.

Tempus & his band of Stepsons were immediate favorites in my house. Tempus, also called The Riddler, the character created by Janet Morris, is the ultimate anti-hero. You want to hate him, but you just can’t. Even he can’t cheat his fate, though he tries often enough.

The recording was extremely well done. Alex Hyde White’s voice is perfect for the mood of the story. I was impressed at his ability to convey the characters, including the women, with such skill. Listening to this recording brings the story alive once more and will delight fans.

I’m thrilled to have a taste of Sanctuary back in my life.