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The Amazing Marsha Casper Cook


I love Marsha Casper Cook’s books. They are wonderful fun for children, but enjoyable for adults too. Below, I have reviewed two of Marsha’s marvelous books.

Snack Attack – Marsha Casper Cook

Addison Apple hates oatmeal, but that’s what his mother gives him every morning for breakfast. His dog, Sammie, loves it and looks forward to Addison “sharing” it with him every day. Since this means Addison is still hungry, he usually finds some sort of snack to eat on the sly.

After the chocolate cookie incident one morning, Addison’s mother tries a new approach. She decides to let him pick his own meals. After a feast of snacks, will Addison decide he likes oatmeal after all?

“Snack Attack” is a fun, creative look at nutrition that shows children eating well is a matter of making the right choices. It sends its message without preaching to its audience. This is a charming book for children to read alone or with an adult. It will fast become a family favorite.

No Clues No Shoes – Marsha Casper Cook
Illustrated by Paisley Hansen

Addison Apple is back and this time he’s got a friend! Addison is in a new town and has moved in down the street from Miss Emelina Hewitt and her dog, Stanley.

Emelina likes to chatter. She also likes to solve crime. When she and Addison have the chance to go to detective school, she hops in excitedly. Even before they’re done with the course, they get their first crime. Shoes are missing, but there are no clues to help our two detectives pursue the possible perpetrator. Can Emelina and Addison solve this uncanny crime?

“No Clues No Shoes” is a wonderful, lighthearted story for third grade on up to read independently, or younger children to read with an adult. It’s a charmingly written chapter book that will keep a young reader’s interest.

Emelina is an energetic, bubbly character who will engage a child’s attention. Addison, who is much quieter, enjoys her lively presence. “No Clues No Shoes” is a great story that introduces children to the fascinating world of detective work.

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