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Dinky the Nurse Mare’s Foal – Mara Moran Bishop


Dinky coverThere is a common practice among thoroughbred horse breeders to save the brood mares strictly for giving birth. They don’t want to have a lag time for the mare to raise her foal, so they put a lesser mare out to stud at the same time and use her for milk. This mare is then given the thoroughbred foal to nurse so its mother can be bred more quickly.

So, what happens to the nurse mare’s foal? Many end up at the butcher’s. Some are saved by well meaning volunteers and others are put in mass auctions, their fates unknown. What becomes of them after, few care. Some are abused, mistreated and finally rescued by a loving family.

Dinky, the Nurse Mare’s Foal, is one of these lucky few. He tells his story of fear, abuse, neglect and illness in this lovely book by Marta Moran Bishop.

The language of Dinky is easy enough for young, independent readers, but the story is marvelous for adults. Marta has captured the voice of Dinky, letting him tell his tale of abuse and neglect.

We travel with Dinky from his birth, through months of neglect, until he is finally adopted by a loving couple who take him home and make him a part of their family. You will love Dinky’s tale. It will make you laugh, cry and everything in between.

Five Golden Acorns
© Dellani Oakes
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